Friday, January 31, 2014

Goodbye Black Walls

It was cutting edge and daring at the time.
We were so chic and totally out there for painting walls black.

 Only teenage Goth children had black walls.

Rebekah and I loved these walls but it's time for a change.

They've got to go.
I used to love, love dark, moody wall colors.

Not anymore. 

 I think I'm going to go with white. 
I think the white vanity and wood counter top will look good against a bright backdrop.

I also want to frame out this mirror and put up some wainscot since I know how to do that now. 
  I would have done this room already but our house has been a revolving door of our adult children needing to stay with us.

I want them to feel that this is their home even if we have stuff everywhere and we are tripping over each other. 
My oldest is about to embark on a major change.
He will be leaving for N.Y. soon.
My Texan son, born and raised will go live in the state where I was born and raised.
My brother just moved his middle child to New York, as well.
I'll keep you posted on the bathroom and on my son. 
Have a great day. 


  1. I know you are ready for a change, but I think that bathroom looks fabulous! Very dramatic! But I understand your desire to change -- there are so many changes I'd like to make in my house to make it a more neutral, updated, space. Can't wait to see the change. And WOW - big news about your son! Will he live in Manhattan?

    1. Brooklyn. He's trying to make it in the music business. He has made several attempts here is Dallas and has gone as far as he thinks he can go here. I am excited for him. We'll be up to see him next summer and we'll get to visit my old stomping grounds; Bedford and New Rochelle. :)