Sunday, March 30, 2014

Master Vanities

The bathroom vanities came with shelving that is visible through some metalwork. 
Calling it ironwork would be a stretch. It's not that substantial.

I knew that anything dark would recede and that white items would show. Stuff like our hairbrushes, hair dryers and the curling iron just fade in the background and are hidden in plain sight. 

 The challenge was filling these niches with some stuff that looked good but was also functional. 

I reused my old Kirkland's jar set but had to split it up.

Bill didn't have a lot of patience for pretties in his vanity so he got a stack of white washcloths and a jar of Epsom salt.

Just a side note, I have been using Epsom salt in my bath and it helps with my scoliosis pain. My granny swore by Epsom salt. 

I shopped the house for cups and jars. Silver baby cups hold Q-Tips and make up brushes. I filled old Avon jars with new creams.

You may be wondering how these new vanities are working out. 
Let me begin by saying that we love how they look. 
Bill loves how they function. He loves having something that is an appropriate height for him.  

Our old vanity had a center drawer (a very messy make up drawer.) 

I've adapted by putting my makeup in jewelry trays from Tuesday Morning. 

It stays so much neater than my old system but I have to stand to get ready in the morning or I scoot the chair up to a little mirror or to the mirror on the door. If I scoot the chair over to the mirror on the door, I end up balancing the tray of cosmetics on my lap. I've spilled it a time or two so 
I'm a little over it.  

My flat iron drove me crazy near the sink because the cord got tangled in the metal doors so it hangs in an old wall pocket.
 All this is appealing to Bill because my stuff no longer morphs over toward his sink.

Bill offered to get me an antique vanity table to put in our room. 

We love our remodel and we would go with two vanities again in a heartbeat but I finally got serious about the search for a dressing table.
I'll show you what I found in another post.
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  1. Your bathroom looks gorgeous!! I love how you've used pretty storage-the wall pocket for your hair things is brilliant! :)