Saturday, March 22, 2014

Removing Popcorn in the Dining Room

Good morning!
Is it a beautiful morning where you are?
We used to to sing to the kids to wake them up in the morning. 
They loved it! (Not even a little.) 

Taking pictures in the dining room was a challenge. 

I was either trying to take the emphasis off of the ceiling or the rug.  
I haven't really been content with the rug since painting the dining room two summers ago.
It was just a little too olive. It was causing these walls to read more green instead of gray. 
The paint is Martha Stewart-Driftwood.   

The ceiling was a dirty, popcorn mess. It had to go.
Scraping the popcorn was pretty easy. I used a 6 inch wide scraper and did this room completely dry.  I personally think a dry method is easier than the wet method. 
(You can find many tutorials for the wet method on-line.)
 I'd rather deal with the miasma of the dust rather than wet, soggy popcorn. 
It only took about an hour and a half.
Plastic sheets protected the rest of the rooms from the dust.
I turned the heat off so dust wouldn't circulate through the house and it didn't. 
Breaks every 15 minutes or so gave it all some time to settle. 
The ceiling resembles orange peel texture once all the dangly things are knocked off but
it took almost as long to clean it up as it did to remove it.
With a fresh coat or two of paint, this ceiling looks just like the one in the kitchen. 

I love it and think it's gorgeous. Can a ceiling be gorgeous?

The new rug is from Tuesday Morning.
It's one size smaller than the old rug which allows more of the wood floor show. 
The old rug was just a tad too big. 

The room is brighter from the top to the bottom which lightens the whole space. 

I told Bill that his "get out of popcorn jail free" card expired.  
He is helping with the next room. :)

Once I explained the economics of doing the popcorn ourselves he was a little more 
The kitchen was $1200.00 to repair a huge hole in the drywall, scrape, texture and paint. 
The dining room was $27.00 in paint. 

I'd hoped to do one more room over spring break but I just couldn't. 
I spent the rest of the week re-learning how to walk. 
Not really but it felt like it.



We are going to keep plugging away to get the rest of the house done. It's a lot of work but it's worth it. 
What do you think?
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  1. I think it looks wonderful! So crisp and clean looking. I'd love to do ours, but I would guess there's asbestos in our texture, so it's staying put for now. Your new rug really brightens up your room, too. And your comparison of the cost of doing it yourself vs. hiring out is bound to get the Mr. on board with helping you in the next room!

  2. Katie- I think it looks much fresher and brighter. It was certainly worth all your hard work. You did a great job and it looks just beautiful- xo Diana

  3. The room looks wonderful!! I think that your new rug makes such a difference (the walls definitely look gray now) and the ceiling is a great transformation! (And I love your centerpiece, too! :)

  4. Katie, this looks great. Great job on the ceiling and love the new rug.

  5. Wow, Katie, it's so much lighter looking! You are a rock star for doing that job! I love the "get out of popcorn jail" line! The rug really lightens up the room, too.

  6. Love the new rug and the ceiling looks amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. That new look is great! I like your new rug as well. Our house already has smooth ceilings. I never understood why they ever did popcorn ceilings before.

  8. Katie, your dining room looks great! The ceiling and new rug look wonderful. Love your mix of wood pieces, the painted piece and the white accents. So pretty!

  9. Your dinning room is so pretty and I really like the wall color. Also I really like the new rug, really adds texture to teh room. I understand about the popcorn, gosh that was ugly even when it first came out! I have it in our foyer and want to get rid of it. I also like the mix of wood and painted piece.

  10. What do I think? I think you are a rockstar....that's what I think. Any home I saw (when we were house hunting) that had popcorn ceilings....I left, totally walked out... I think your ceiling (and room) are gorgeous and you deserve a red carpet walk to the DIY Emmy's for doing it!