Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Pink Stool

Hello, everybody!
Everyone raves about chalk paint but I was not a fan. I used it for a few projects but I prefer to use oil based paint for furniture and white primer for smaller projects.
It is readily available at big box stores and at about $10.00 a can, it's not expensive. 
It's less than 1/3 the price of chalk paint.

The other day I painted a stool that Bill made in high school shop class. 
We also still have the one his dad made. 

A few drops of red craft paint and primer made a pretty pink but it left the same gritty texture as chalk paint. 
I tried to put "clear" Varathane on the chalk painted buffet recently and was horrified to see brown streaks all over it. 
I had to completely repaint it with oil based White Duck from Sherwin Williams.


A few weeks ago, I picked up Johnson's Paste Wax to use on some of my stained wood pieces.
 It dawned on me that it might work on the painted stool. 

It did. 
Now the stool has a really soft finish that feels protected. 
Best of all? It isn't discolored and it's no longer gritty!
I wish I'd thought of this for the buffet.

Sanding the edges brought out some of the black under coat.

An old ice cream bucket got some pink and white on the edges and then a final coat of robin's egg blue. I can't wait to fill it with flowers.
I will show that in another post.

My red transferware dishes are back out for spring. 
I love, love this pop of pink on our treasured stool. 
It's fun for spring. (should spring ever get here) ;)
Pop over and see the pink inspiration I have been pinning here
Follow along, if you are so inclined. 


  1. Katie- I love that stool. I use Johnson's Paste Wax, too. I am not completely sold on chalk paint either-especially if you are looking for a "refined" finish. You can't get that with chalk paint-at least I can't. I had my pieces of red transferware out for February but I am putting my Irish dishes out for March. I LOVE red transferware. xo Diana

  2. Hi Katie...the stool is so sweet and I love how you use it on the counter!
    I also love the tulips!

  3. That little pink stool is gorgeous up on your countertop. I have yet to try chalk paint - thanks for letting me know your thoughts on it - it seems like it only gets praises - sometimes it sounds too good to be true.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  4. How neat you still have the 'heirloom stools"! I remember making a small end table in shop class but it is long gone. Love the pink!

  5. Your stool is adorable. I love the soft shade of pink. I'm not a huge fan of chalk paint either. I used it on two large pieces of furniture. For the price that I paid I guess my exceptions were too high. LOL!

  6. I love little stools, I have them everywhere. I adore your little pink one and how you have it displayed on the counter.

  7. I love your vignette. Your little stool is adorable and the perfect accessory. I'm sure you'll use it again and again.

    I'd love to have you join me next week at Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Such a cute stool. It made a great vignette.