Monday, April 28, 2014

Galveston Island- Beach Weekend

We tagged alone with my brother and his family when they were headed to Galveston Island for a wedding. 
They rented a house and wanted to fill it.
 They were sweet hearts and invited us along.
We stayed out at Pointe West on the western edge of the island.

I love the pastel colors of these seaside homes. 
It was hard pick which would be my favorite.

Saturday morning I drank coffee on the deck and this was my view. 
Our deck didn't get the morning sun so it was perfect.

Bill and my brother got up at five to go fishing.
My brother, Rob brought in a shark.

Bill also caught this grouper.
 It was catch and release so we didn't get to have fish for dinner. 

Amy and I did some shopping on the Strand which is the historic shopping district. It is a "must do" in Galveston. 
I got a new Vera Bradley large duffle bag on clearance and an ironstone pitcher.
My favorite find was this pink locker but I didn't get it.

I thought it was a steal at $125.00. 

Galveston in known for its historic gingerbread houses so we drove around to have a look.

Look at this paint detail.


We met for dinner at Nonnie Tony's Restaurant.
As we were going in we saw a large camera crew. 
It was prom night but we didn't think prom warranted T.V. coverage. 
The crew was there to film an episode of The Little Couple. 
We got to see Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will and Zoey walk through to their private room.  
How fun is that? I started watching that show a few months ago when Bill was out of town. I was instantly smitten with their darling family. It should be a cute episode.The owner of the restaurant took two giant lobsters back to their private room. The kids had to love that.

After dinner we made an exciting trip to Walmart to get a bathing suit for Bill and a fan for each of our rooms. 
I need moving air even though the house was air conditioned. 

Sunday morning Bill and I had coffee on the deck and then took a walk on the beach and collected a few shells. The sand isn't the pristine white sand that you'd find on the gulf in Florida but this beach is only 5 hours away.
It was so windy that we didn't get much beach time but I took a few pictures when the wind died down a little.  

 When we got back to the house my hair looked like Monica's in the Barbados episode.

Okay, not quite that bad but almost. My hair does not like the beach at all. Bill and I read and napped for a bit Sunday afternoon. I did some bird watching once we were refreshed. The Texas Coast is one of the best birding areas in the U.S.

We went back into town for dinner at Gaidos Restaurant which has been in business for 103 years.

Bill and I have have made 5 or 6 trips to Galveston over the years so we've seen many of the major sights. This time we visited, relaxed, ate seafood and enjoyed the scenery. 

It was so much fun!
A big thank you for letting us tag along.

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  1. Katie- I read every word! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. How fun that you saw the little couple. One of my followers sons was actually in the Texas hospital where Jen is and she saw him and the kids come in there and said Hello to them.

    Great fishing. I do love grouper and I am not a big "fish" person. Looks like you had a really great time, Katie. Good for you- xo Diana

  2. We love Galveston! I bet it wasn't so crowded this early. The houses are so much fun! Did you know that Susie at Note Songs blog lives on Galveston. One of these days I want to pop down there and meet her.

  3. I have never been to Galveston, and so enjoyed reading about it! It looks like a wonderful place to visit - I have to add it to my list of places to go. I would love to shop on the Strand! Great post, Katie! (and ps - my hair and the beach do not get along at all!).

  4. Galveston is a few hops and skips away from me, and I love getaways there throughout the year. You're right, the beaches aren't the sugary sand kind, but the waves sound the same no matter where you go. How cool that you saw The Little Couple filming! I love the show, too. Great little family. No pun intended. I don't know if you've ever tried Hey, Mikey's Ice Cream, but a friend of mine recommended it, and it is fabulous. All of it is daily homemade. I blogged about it here:

    P. S. Your guys brought in some honking big fish!

  5. Replies
    1. It is a wonderful city. There is so much to do! I hope you get there, Terry.

  6. Katie, so glad that you enjoyed your weekend in Galveston, my hometown! It is a unique city, with a charm all its own. The beaches are not as pretty as other areas, but it is still a fun place to be. When you are born in Galveston, you are forever referred to as a BOI....born on the island! I tell everyone that I will always have sand between my toes!

  7. Oh, what a wonderful getaway! Those homes look just gorgeous! Sounds like you had some great eats and relaxation :)

  8. Hi! I saw your post at Wow Us Wednesday and popped in to see you. I live in Galveston and recognize all the sights you've shown. I'm so glad you had such a nice weekend. I live about in the middle of the island and about a couple of blocks from the beach! Hope you'll pop in to see me sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. I had no idea you lived in Galveston, Shelia. I would have loved to run into you.

  9. What a nice trip, I have never been down to Galveston Texas.
    I like anywhere there is a beach

  10. I am putting this on my "places to visit" list. Loving those gingerbread houses:)!

  11. Katie, I have never been to Galveston, but it looks so cute with all those pastel gingerbread houses. It sounds like a great place to relax and bird watch. Fun! Thanks for linking up with us on Weekend Travel Inspiration!