Friday, April 25, 2014

Cleaning a New Bathroom

When we redid the master bathroom last summer, I was determined that we wouldn't use anything caustic and harmful on our new fixtures. 

I only use a vinegar to wipe water spots off of the chrome. 

The other night Bill lamented the quality of the faucet in the shower. He thought that it was worn and pitted after only 10 months.
I guess it has been a while since my husband has done any cleaning because I said, "No, the faucet isn't ruined it only needs to be cleaned." 

I also did the hinges and the gorgeous handle. 
There were some hard water stains on the granite behind the faucets. 

Vinegar took care of that. 

 The little table from Target had water stains. 
I used baking soda for that. 

 I was convinced that some of the discoloration on the old tub was caused by Clorox Clean Up.

I don't want anything discoloring my new tub so I only use Baking Soda to clean our new claw foot tub. 
It wipes soap scum right off.  

It cleans it without scratching. 

We always squeegee the shower glass after every use so it only needs an occasional squirt with windex or vinegar. 

Finally, I clean the shower pan with baking soda. 
I have become an utter convert to the uses of baking soda.
God knew what He was doing when He created this stuff. 
I will share that in another post. 

We love our new master bath. 

We are off to the beach for a long weekend. 
I hope to take some pictures for you. 
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  1. Your new bathroom is beautifully designed~

  2. I love that bathroom, Katie. I'm really interested in your natural cleaning materials. I really need to try using both vinegar and baking soda. Thanks for sharing those cleaning tips. Have a wonderful time at the beach! Hope you have great weather!

  3. I love your bathroom and I love using natural products, too. Rubbing alcohol gives a marvelous sheen to fixtures, too, and works GREAT on mirrors! xo Diana

  4. Your bathroom is beautiful and hopefully after your tips, mine will shine too.

  5. I don't blame you for wanting to take extra care of your new bathroom! I've never tried using only natural ingredients to clean my house before. It certainly is safer. Glad to hear that they're working so well for you. I do use vinegar on my floors though.

  6. I love your bathroom, it is stunning and such great tips about cleaning. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  7. Just a note. Vinegar is not safe for granite. The high alkaline content will etch away the granite over time. Just google granite and vinegar and you can read about it.

  8. Your bathroom looks magnificent! Now you have to make sure it can maintain that look all the time. And yes, sometimes you don’t have to rely on chemicals and other commercial products to clean it up. Some household items can do the trick just as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions