Monday, May 12, 2014

A Tale of Two French Style Chairs

Quite a few years ago we met Bill for lunch in Fort Worth. 
It was probably spring break or some other school holiday because the kids were with us. We spotted a garage sale and pulled over to see what they had. They had the most adorable Frenchy looking chair from the 60s or 70s. The upholstery could only be described as electric blue.

I asked the man how much he wanted for it and he said it was free. We threw it in the back of the van. Vans are awesome garage sale vehicles. I covered it in a black and white toile and I loved it for about 10 years. Last fall, I decided that I would redo the cane. 

Bill and I talked about it.
He went to the specialty woodworking store.
The guy at woodworking store said it would be too hard.
He gave us number for little old man that canes.
Little old man that canes would never answer his phone. 
(Is he dead?) 
Bill and Katie gave up and threw the now destroyed chair in the trash. :(
I couldn't look. 
In hindsight, I probably could have caned that stinking chair. It couldn't have been that much harder than upholstering but Bill said go and pick out a new Frenchy chair.

I found this chair at a local consignment shop but there were two of them. He sold them separately which made me feel like I was separating twins but the other one had cane that it was splitting. No, no, no! Not again!  

Our new Frenchy chair had awesome burgundy naugahyde. 
It's a shame I am just not into burgundy naugahyde at the moment. I'd like to tell you that I ripped this baby apart and recovered it right away. Six months later...

I believe that the finish is pickled. You remember that don't you? Circa 1990.

Someone asked me what was in the terrarium. 
I planted a little succulent garden but I've already lost one plant so I'm not sure the rest will survive.

Now that I've recovered the seat in a deconstructed style, the paint looks more white than it did with the burgundy naugahyde. Naugahyde - it's fun to say.

I've unified all our mismatched furniture with white paint and canvas drop cloth fabric. The settee finally got its coat of white paint a few months ago. Read that scintillating post- here

Now they coordinate with the $8.00 cane chair on the other side of the room. Everything can be swapped around as we feel like it.

The recliner is the only piece that hasn't been updated.
It was a thrift store find that I found and recovered for Bill for Father's Day one year. It was just a beast to recover! I chose black so it would coordinate with everything and it's had a long run around here. Every once in a while it makes a crazy noise and we think it has finally bit the dust but no. 
It's a Lazy Boy from the 80s and the quality is amazing.

There you have it, all you didn't want to know about our new Frenchy chair. 
Happy Monday! 
This is my last 4 day work week. Next week is only 2 1/2 days for me. I can't believe it will soon be summer! 
Maybe I can talk Bill into getting us a hot tub.
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  1. You are funny! I like that. Also, your sunroom with all your finds and projects is my kind of space. I have a loveseat just like that stuck up in one of the guest rooms. I have long thought about painting it white and giving the stuffy old thing a new life. Once I had it recovered, and they made kind of a mess. I might try to tackle it myself, having seen yours.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. :) I hopped on over to your place and became a new follower.

  2. It looks pretty now! I can't believe that they put naugahyde on a white french chair. xoxo

  3. I love saying Naugahyde!!! I like the chair so much better! Sorry about the other chair. I would have mourned her too! And I probably would have bought the second twin! Just because!

  4. The naugahyde seems like an odd choice for that pickled finish. I think you elevated it to it's proper status! It looks much more feminine now-- love it!

  5. Love what you did with your chair, it looks very elegant and perfect for your room. Lovely room by the way.........
    Hope you had a nice Mother's Day.
    blessings, Nellie

  6. I love how you've tied together all of your furniture with matching paint and fabric. That looks so fresh! I really love that settee though. I think it's my favorite!

  7. This is my first visit here. I have to say I really like your blog and your wit! You're funny! Love that. Will most certainly be back!

  8. I love the french chairs, we had a couple in our last house but unfortunately they would not fit in our smaller house. So off to the auction they went. My husband canes chairs among other things. When he retired from the Navy, a pilot, he decided to do something COMPLETELY different. So he opened a business called cutely.... The Chair Repair. He loves doing it and it means I get things caned and woven and what ever I need.... well sometimes I have to get in line...... I really enjoyed this post of yours today.

  9. The chair looks great. I love all the white. Alaina

  10. Wow the chair looks amazing now - love the style! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

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  12. What a great find! I love the look of the new chair, but I agree that burgundy wouldn't really work well with your current decor style. Going with white made it look spectacular. You did a great job in transforming the chair. Thank you for sharing! I hope you had a fun summer!

    Bob Ward @ Allure