Friday, May 30, 2014

Beadboard Wallpaper

I made a vow.

I promised myself that wallpaper would never enter this house again. 
I stripped all the wallpaper from this house back in '98. Most of the kitchen wallpaper came off in pieces no bigger than my palm. It was three days of holy terror! 
 That's when I made the vow but who knew that wallpaper would make a comeback?

I had hoped for a very cottage-y look when we installed the wooden bathroom countertop last year. My plan was to do the walls last summer but I lost steam after the other bathroom remodel. 

I love the contrast of the wood counter with the white walls and woodwork.
 After a year of daily use this counter still looks as perfect as the day we put it in. That wasn't the plan. 

It was supposed to be used occasionally by guests but three weeks after we finished the install our daughter had her stalking incident and moved back in with us.

Two months later, our youngest moved back in. 
He moved out last Saturday. 
Daily use and this counter still looks fabulous. 
I love it with the white walls instead of the black.
I'm smitten with the backsplash. 

White walls were part of the original plan but I was afraid that white walls alone would be boring. The other two bathrooms have the beadboard wainscot going up only a few feet. Here it needed to go higher for more impact.

Beadboard wallpaper seemed like  an easier option than those ginormous sheets of plywood. 

The sacred vow to never have wallpaper again has been broken and my wallpapering skills all came flooding back.

Does it look just like the walls in the other bathrooms? 
Does it look like real wood?

No - on both counts. 
Is it still cute?
Yes - it's adorable.

Be careful, this dings very easily but it was an easy fix and it adds a little interest to otherwise boring walls. 
The wallpaper is about $18.00 a roll at Lowes and 
it took less than two rolls to complete this project.
Once it was up and had a coat of paint, I trimmed it out with some molding the neighbor gave me when she moved. 
That's what makes it look more like real wainscot. 
I'd hoped for some better photos but this room is a beast to photograph. It has zero natural light and that huge mirror.
Framing that out is on my project list for this summer. 



  1. I love the look of beadboard wallpaper in your bathroom, Katie! Wonderful transformation. Your office/guest room looks great, too!

  2. It looks gorgeous! I don't think I'd be able to tell it was wallpaper. I want to do this for our bathroom too.


  3. It looks like real wood to me....thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Katie, What a great look. You are so right about the handling. Very pretty. xoxo,Susie

  5. Katie,
    The bathroom looks great. I love the idea of wallpaper beadboard instead of the real thing. I bet it was much easier to hang. It looks great. Love that counter top too. I have wood counters in my kitchen and love them. They hold up to almost anything. Very pretty bathroom.

  6. I think it looks great, and it does look like real wood in the photos -- A great look! PS - I am doing a little feature on those who participated in the April photo diary linky, which will hopefully get posted tomorrow!

  7. The white wallpapered wall makes the bathroom a lot more beautiful than the original black which is too dark in my opinion. I never knew wallpaper could look like real wood panel... Wow, thanks for sharing, very educational.

  8. Oh wow, what a transformation. I love it. So pretty. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  9. I love your wood counter top as well as the bead board! What a great make over. :)