Monday, June 2, 2014

Deck 2014

School is out for summer!
Whoo hoo. 
I don't know why but I change my accent color on the deck every summer.

This year I was inspired by and smitten with these darling metal pots from Ikea. 

I was in the mood for some blue and white. The amazing thing about this is that I bought them in February. 
Okay, maybe not "amazing", but I've been known to change my mind many times in four months.

On the same trip, I picked up the floral pillow. 
The other pillows were recycled from two years ago. 
That scheme was red, white and blue. 
Last year was green. 

Our new addition is a 10 ft. cantilevered umbrella. 
We've been in desperate need for some shade in the backyard since we enclosed the garden room.

We didn't want to build a structure. It would have been so much work. Besides, Bill had a hard time figuring out a layout that didn't show a big post through the living room window. 
This was cheaper and we can move it as we need it. 
I can lounge here in the morning with my coffee.

I also pulled up the brick path that sank into our sandy soil.

I tamed the jungle of Trumpet Vine and Nandina. 
It was so over grown, I was sure I'd meet a snake back in there. 
I'm seriously contemplating how we can bring some water to our yard. A dip in an above ground pool would have been nice because after all the yard work, I could hardly walk.
You can check out my Keep Cool board on Pinterest for homemade pools and red neck hot tubs. 
Keep cool!


  1. Love the cushions. The blue and white are my favorite for the summer. What a nice yard to look out and enjoy from the porch.

  2. I love being able to change the color scheme just by adding different pillows! Your deck looks so pretty and comfy.
    Mary Alice

  3. looks wonderful! i think it's fun that you change the color scheme-it's a nice feeling to have it "new" each summer, and it isn't too expensive.

  4. Your deck looks wonderful, and I love the blue color I'm like you if I buy something a few months ahead I might have already changed my mind before starting the project Your cushion look really nice. Have a great day!

  5. Lovely deck in blues that is currently my new color to love and the Hydrangea are always my favorite. Nice to find you today on Wow us Wednesday

  6. Blue and white always looks so fresh to me! Your deck looks so pretty, and I'm glad you have some shade to enjoy that morning coffee!