Wednesday, June 18, 2014

German Devotional

I love decorating with old books and inherited a small collection early in our marriage. 
I've moved them and used them in various displays around the house.

I tried perusing some of them but the problem was some of them were in German so I didn't give them a thought.
 The other day, Rebekah was over and she spotted one of my lovely little decor books.

 She took German in college and immediately translated the book cover.

She noticed that it was a devotional book and began looking through it. 

She noticed that by certain dates there were names. 

My great, great grandmother

My mom's cousin

Someone used the little book as a birthday book.

This volume is charming. The illustrations are just gorgeous.

I couldn't believe that right under my nose was a list of birthdays for the relatives on my Mother's side. 
When I think of the time I spent doing research for our family history! 
We had a good time looking at and translating our verses. 
They seemed appropriate. 

Mine was Matt. 7:13
"Enter throughout the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to distraction and many enter through it."
A reminder that when I stick to the narrow path [the Lord's path] things always go better than if I stray out of His will. 

I always loved this book as a little decorative object now it means a little more. 


  1. What a pretty little family treasure you've inherited! The illustrations are beautiful and it's a bonus to have the birthdays of relatives documented inside.

  2. Oh Katie. How special is this treasure you have full of wonderful memories and dates of family's birthdays. Love how pretty all the illustrations are too. What a beautiful treasure to have.

  3. That is so special, Katie! It's a beautiful book -- priceless!

  4. That is a beautiful book. The illustrations and the family handwriting are the kind of thing we all wish we could find. Just don't let anyone sit a glass of iced tea on it...that would happy here at my house.

  5. What a blessing that you held on to that book! I had the same thing with a tramp art box. Inside the lid was a list of names and birthdates.

  6. Oh what a precious heirloom. I also caught of glimpse of the vignette on your mantle. I also love the color of the brick in your fireplace. You have great talent.

  7. What a treasure, Katie. Kind of a little miracle that your daughter could translate it for you! So special to have something so meaningful and beautiful.