Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jewelry Box Makeover, Tiffany Style

Hi everybody,
Have you seen my girly office?
I got the idea for the color after I painted a couple of ugly jewelry boxes.
I know, I know. I got my posts out of order but you don't care about that. 
I picked up this jewelry box at the thrift store.
The cane treatment on the top of the box is just too cute. It sat for about two years with just a coat of primer.

This one had been primed with spray primer.

 I decided to paint it Tiffany blue to go with my Tiffany jewelry pouches.

There were three blues to chose from in the garage. One was the closest match without being too bright. 
Drizzle by Sherwin Williams.

I love it. 

The gold hardware against the aqua is just gorgeous.
A teeny tiny screw driver took off the teeny tiny hardware. 
You will be happy to note that I didn't lose a single teeny tiny screw.:)

There was another candidate tucked away upstairs. 
It needed paint too.

This paint is a perfect color.
It completely reads "Tiffany" without being too bright.

I had so much fun painting these. Ghost Whisperer on Netflix and painting made for a relaxing afternoon. 

The inside of the little cane one was nasty. 
 I painted the inside white to mimic the white satin ribbon on a Tiffany box.

It took about six coats to cover the faux velvet. 
That equaled about 4 episodes worth of painting and drying time.

These are destined for my closet but they may stay here for a few days.
My closet was cleaned up and reorganized but it needs it again. 
I'm thinking about a statement wall color in there like the one I did in the craft closet/office.
What do you think?


  1. Love them all and they look so sweet beside the blue jar, one of my favorite things. They just pop against the white dresser and the Tiffany bags are so cute on the mirror. I love the mirror. I've had a few of those and sold them. Seeing this one makes me want another one. I'll find one:)

    1. I use it as my bedside drink coaster. I love it because it has little bird handles. I hope you find another one.

  2. Oh my that tiffany blue looks great on your jewelry boxes, and pop with the white. I love your dresser mirror I have one two and I always feel special when I sit at my dressing table and get prettied up. Have a great 4th!

  3. Hi Katie,
    Love love the Tiffany blue. It really looks so pretty on the white dresser. Happy 4th. Enjoy.

  4. Love the color....My daughter has an old jewelry box that I definitely want to give it a new color...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. You may have just selected the color I need for an ugly old silverware chest I use to hold brooches. Tiffany blue is an elegant color.