Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ice Cream Freezer Buckets

Every time I see an old ice cream freezer bucket I will pick it up if the price is right.
I have found them at the thrift store or at garage sales.
I even got one for Christmas.      

They make the best containers and I have sprinkled them about the house. 

I painted one white and left it on the front porch for a few weeks to get nice and rusty. They are perfect for flowers.

Six or seven dollars is a fair price in my area. 

I loved it so much that I brought it inside to hold kindling on the hearth. We have gas logs so we don't really need kindling but it looks cute.

I used another garage sale find as a waste basket in the garden room. It was already painted this darling green color. From the looks of this green paint it could have been painted sometime in the seventies. It looks very avocado to me.

The Christmas present is used for the dog toys. I thought about painting it white too but I love the original sticker too much and don't want to mess it up.

I love plain old Rust O Leum white spray paint for this kind of stuff. It's quick and easy.

At first it looks too bright but in a week or two and it will be perfectly rusty.

I painted another one with an undercoat of homemade pink chalk paint. 
Then it got a coat of Robin's Egg Blue. 

I love this color. It is Drizzle by Sherwin Williams. I sanded it to let a little of the pink show through.

Finally, I came across the holy grail of ice cream buckets. 
It is gorgeous. 
It's the perfect color teal. It still has it's original sticker as well.

The funny thing is that we have all these ice cream buckets but none of them actually work. We've had working ones before but it's too much of a hassle with the salt and ice and mess. 
 Twice I've given them to Bill for his birthday hoping he would take over and be the ice cream "maker". 
Nope! That's just some weird fantasy I cooked up. 
I'm never sure about recipes with raw eggs either.
Oh well. 
Bryers works for us. Milk, Cream, Sugar. That's it no other additives. Bill has a small scoop every night as a part of his dietary plan. 

Maybe some day he'll take up the gauntlet and be an ice cream maker but until then we have them just for show. 


  1. Katie,
    Love all your ice cream buckets. You have a great collection. Wow to get those for 6 to 7 dollars. By me if you find one in good shape they go in the 20 to 50 dollar range. So hold onto those wonderful treasures. I need to come shopping by you. Have a wonderful start to the new week ahead.

  2. Katie, I love your collection of buckets! It's so weird, I just bought one almost exactly like your last one, same color and everything...great minds! :) I think they're so fun!

  3. They are beautiful. I actually use mine. I don't put eggs in the mix. I've been making fresh peach ice cream this summer, sugar, milk, peaches (run thru food processer), a can of eagle brand, and pkg or vanilla instant pudding. Yumm-mee! Rich and creamy.

  4. Oh I really love all of those cute ice cream buckets. I really like them painted too! Love the one you painted blue with pink showing through. And your newest one of your coffee table is great too. I have some planters that I painted white that look like that but aren't the real thing.

  5. love how you painted the buckets. Williams Sonoma has an ice cream/yogurt maker that makes great ice cream without salt or ice and doesn't need eggs. We bought one recently and it makes great ice cream. You put the cylinder bowl in the freezer to get real cold, then the electric devise turns the ice cream mix around the cylinder bowl until it's near frozen, then you put it in the freezer to finish up. Great ice cream.