Monday, August 4, 2014

Trash Pick Dresser/ Mystery Solved

You all will not believe this story. 
I can't believe it myself.

My coworker and friend Sara picked me up tonight to go to a function at the school. 
She came in and of course Dixie jumped all over her until I got her a treat - Dixie not Sara.
We gathered up my stuff and Sara asked where I got the dresser in my entryway. 

She has been in the house numerous time but she never noticed it before.
I told her that I pulled it out of the trash at a house around the corner from here. 
She said she thought it was her grandmother's dresser. 
I said no. It couldn't be because I didn't find it on her street.
Seriously, that is impossible, right?
Sara lives in her parent's old house up the road just a little. I found it at a house right by the Jr. High. The Jr. High is about half way to Sara's.

She preceded to tell me that her grandmother had an old broken dresser. That it wasn't a family piece and that they didn't know where the grandma had gotten it from. 
They talked about taking it to the dump but decided to put it by the curb of an old rent house down the street. 
The renters had been evicted and the owners of the house said that Sara's dad could leave the dresser on the curb by the other trash they had pulled out of the house. 
(I remember thinking that this dresser did not go with the other junk that was in the trash. This was too nice.)

I found it on a trip to the grocery store after church. 
Bekah was with me and she was embarrassed that we were pulling furniture out of the trash near the school. 

Sara's family discussed that it was broken and that someone who knew what they were doing would find it and fix it. 
I told her that the drawer was broken inside and that a foot in the back was broken and that indeed Bill did fix it.
We still couldn't believe it and needed further proof.

She asked me how long ago I found it. 
I thought I found it right around the spring. I remember that my brother Jim was over that year for Easter and that I introduced him to my friend across the street, Jane. 
It had to be only 3 or 4 years ago because Jane didn't live there longer than that. 
She asked if I was sure that maybe it was 7 or 8 years ago because her son was a baby.
I suddenly realized it wasn't Jane who came to Easter that year it was a friend named, Jan, so it could have been.

But I said those weren't the knobs. The ones on it were crystal. 
She agreed.  
She drove up the street. 
She pointed to a house. Was it that one?
I said no. It was the one right next door! 

Sara and I like a lot of the same things. We think things are funny that very few other people think are funny. 
(Like the goat around another corner that stands on an old riding mower.) 
We've shared fun and crazy moments at school. She is a great friend. 

I'm thrilled that I found a dresser they discarded 4 years before I even met her. I'm tickled that Bill was the one to fix a dresser they didn't want to fix.

I love this piece. My dad had an empire chest all during my childhood. 
I was excited to find this piece because it reminded me of that one. My brother and I talked about what a good antique it was and I said it was the best and oldest antique I'd ever found! It is an Empire Style Chest from the early 1800s. Jim said it was a once in a lifetime find.  
Now that I know it was from Sara's family, I love it even more. 
I am seriously in awe of this occurrence. 
I didn't need to know who put it by the curb hoping it would be found. 
She didn't need to know where it ended up. 
How fun we both know where it found a home. 
Here is a picture that's proof I found it at least as far back as 2006. 
June 18, 2006 - 8 years not 3 or 4. 

5 years before I met Sara. 
FYI - The population around 2006 in our city would have been around 345,000 people. 
This isn't a small town but it is a small world.    
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