Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Fall Y'all!

It's fall!

Once I got over the fact that it was time to put the pool away, I could embrace that fall is here.

I sat on the couch each evening this week trying to get some inspiration for my mantel.  
It is the centerpiece and focal point, after all, so it has to be right.
After a couple of tries, this mantel is the winner.

Bill got me the roses a few weeks ago. They were fading fast so I hung them upside down to dry. I gathered up the oldest and crustiest books in the house and two white pumpkins from Tom Thumb. The frame is from a painting that was hanging in the mancave. 

We don't crate the dog when we are at work so she sits on the sofa all day, except when she is sitting in the window barking at the demon squirrel.

The sofa has the weirdest affinity for her dog hair. It will not come off with the vacuum or a brush. I have to sit and use sheet after sheet of a lint roller. I couldn't take it anymore so I made a slipcover during Dancing with the Stars the other night.
 I may end up slipcovering the whole sofa. I don't know.

The terrarium got a white pumpkin instead of the bird that was in there. So simple.

The desk and shelf on the opposite wall got a few touches as well. 

The candelabra is from the thrift store and the tureen from an antique store years ago. 

Just a teacher FYI...
Seasons are not capitalized unless they begin a sentence or they are being used in a title -  Fall Festival 2104.
Months of the year and days of the week are capitalized but not seasons.
 Holidays are capitalized.

It makes no sense to me why seasons are not capitalized but it is true. 
That's the English language for you.

I'm wild about the dining room centerpiece. 
The deep, deep brown or black velveteen pumpkins came from Tom Thumb. 
I made the white drop cloth pumpkin with the pin. 
Yikes! It's cute.

I've got more to finish in there and I'll show it off when it's done.
I'm also working on some cuteness in the powder room.
Happy Sunday.
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  1. Love the mantle looks great!

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  2. I like how you decorated for fall and love your livingroom.

  3. Katie, I like how you kept it simple but pretty with the little white pumpkins.

  4. I like what you've done, Katie! I'm in love with that darling little window you've got leaning on your desk behind the candelabra. So cute! I'm chuckling at your lesson for today. A retired high school English teacher had a column in our local paper called Grammar vs. Grammer. Each week he published 10 grammar questions and I did pretty well (good? hehe) until it came to lie, lay....I still have trouble with that one!

    Your centerpiece is pretty, too! Is Tom Thumb a grocery store?

  5. Hi Katie, Happy Fall to you-I know what you said about the seasons, but I couldn't resist. I love every detail celebrating fall, in your home. I wish you would have shown a photo of your dog on the couch though. In our new home, we have a window looking out of the dining room to the street, so we got our Hunter an ottoman, so he could sit and watch for us to return. He loves it-also barks at the neighbors. Hope you have a great week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. It all looks wonderful, Katie, The combo of the white pumpkins and the old books look terrific!

  7. I adore your fall mantel, Katie! Old books, dried flowers, boo kind of fall decorating!!
    Mary Alice

  8. Love your place!!! I am hosting my first ever Tuesday Link Up Party. I hope you can come over and link up with me!! I love meeting new ladies and getting to see all the amazing content everyone has to offer!