Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The First of October

Happy October, everybody!
I love October 1st. 
It was my dad's birthday. 
Happy Birthday, Dad!

In a day of remembrance of him, I love decorating the front porch for fall and Halloween. 

I've exercised quite a bit of self control the last two weeks because Bill brought me the cutest jack-o'-lantern from the grocery store.

I've wanted one for about two years but never felt like I could justify $29.00 for a clay pumpkin. 
Bill felt okay about it. 
I'm glad he picked it up when he did because they are gone now. The mums came from the same store.

He even made new cedar seats for our ice cream chairs. 
No more moldy seat covers. 
The scarecrow is from Hobby Lobby two years ago. 
That was my splurge that year but he looks brand new unlike a $6.00 scarecrow. 

I wasn't sure if I would do the vines around the door but the trick or treaters love my Halloween lights.

Without garland,

With garland.

I rolled up a string of lights and set it in "Jack".
I can't wait to see him when the sun goes down. 

The old light fixture came from a garage sale. 
It was only $5.00.

The wreath got a new black and white burlap ribbon and some of the fresh bittersweet I ordered.

Love it.

The entry got worked on too.

You can read the crazy story of our Empire chest here.
It is a great place for my favorite scarecrow and my favorite pumpkin. I draped the basket with more bittersweet. 
Olive is a perfect accent color for this area because of Bill's grandmother. 

I'm crazy about the book under the leaves and pumpkin. 
It is a perfect color for here. 

 It was just gorgeous this morning as we were decorating but it was warming up quickly. 
That's October in Texas for you.
I hope you are having a great day.


  1. Katie, I love the pretty porch. It all looks so October !! Down to the black cat. Wonderful. xoxo,Susie

  2. Your porch looks so pretty!!!! I love the garland over the door......

  3. Very pretty! Love your entry table!

  4. It looks adorable!! Love the black cat :)