Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola in Dallas

I live near Dallas.
Bill works in Dallas.
Bekah lives in Dallas.

This is how I'm gauging the severity of the crisis.
Fox News and CNN agree.
My husband has changed his patterns and habits.
I ate no fewer than five chocolate chip cookies yesterday.
The Zombie Apocalypse is no longer the thing I fear the most.
I'm almost to the point of being a doom's day prepper.

While I don't think that this is going to lead to an outbreak, I do think there is a reason to have some concern. 
I love the people from all over the country who are saying that we who are concerned are blowing this out of proportion. 
They don't have Ebola in their back yard or 30 miles down the highway. 
They aren't hearing things like "my neighbor was on that flight." 
The people of Ohio now understand what we are feeling down here in Texas.
(I'm so sorry.)
Unfortunately, we are on ground zero for the Ebola crisis in the U.S.
I personally don't feel that those who have said, "No problem, we've got this" are being truthful.
Tonight it finally sounds as if the state is stepping in and taking leadership.
Please pray with us for the recovery of the two nurses and that this doesn't spread. 


  1. I have been whispering my prayers since they brought the first ebola patient here. I am afraid that it opened a floodgate that should have been left closed. It is a scary, horrible disease...and unlike AIDS where there were some preventative measures that were undertaken more easily there does not seem to be a clear cut path of protection. What? We should all walk around covered with Hefty bags with clear goggles taped over eye holes? This is awful! As someone else said on their blog today- it is one of the elephants that no one in the room talks about.

    God bless you and your state..and all of us for that matter. xo Diana

  2. Katie, It's scary. the world needs to stop this in Africa and not let it go any farther...but we travel easily in the US and now it is spreading. I pray for all of us. xoxo,Susie

  3. It is indeed very scary. I tend not to believe what the Media tells us, especially that it's not airborne. I just don't believe that. I hope it doesn't spread further and know I would feel just like you do if it were close to my home.

  4. I would feel exactly as you do, Katie, if this were in my backyard. It's terrifying. And now one of the nurses is on a cruise ship. I don't know what to believe -- is the media hype way out of proportion? Is the government hiding facts to keep people from panicking? I just hope they are on a fast track with medication or vaccines.