Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Bathroom

Once I began rooting around the house for black and white, I couldn't stop.
I showed you what I did to the kitchen nooks and I love it. 


I started looking around the house for other places where I could change things up and add some black.

The blue and white powder room seemed like a good spot. 
The first order of business was a new valance for over the tub. The thrift store had a couple of yards of black, menswear double knit fabric.
If I tire of this, the fabric would be perfect for a pair of bell bottoms.

Once that was in place, I could decorate the shelves and the walls.

I found the sconce a few weeks ago. It is pure 70s. I updated it with chalk paint. The back of the sconce got a layer of chalkboard paint.
It's perfect for a Halloween message.

I've had the paper mache wall brackets forever. Can you believe they were only $1.99 each? They are oldies but cuties. 

The hand towel is Pottery Barn.

I was so excited about the change and I couldn't wait to decorate the little shelf but wasn't working at first. I papered the back with Dollar Tree "contact" paper. 
Now the black accents stand out a little better.

A few of my favorite Halloween ornaments are on display for just a touch of rusty orange.
The owl was a thrifty find last summer during Junkpaloosa 2014.
He looks so much better after a hit of black spray paint.

It's decorated for the holiday with sweet touches but it isn't too cutesy. 

Rebekah did the scratch art in Jr. High.

There you have it - our Halloween Bathroom. 
I hope you are having a great day.
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  1. Perfect Halloween decor! Just the way I like it, a few touches to highlight the Holiday. Love the wall brackets and the sconce!

  2. You did a great job bringing into the bathroom black accents for halloween!
    Mary Alice

  3. I'm in love with that cute little silhouette in your bathroom cabinet, Katie! And your black & white in your kitchen nooks looks wonderful, too! I've been looking for an old black and white spice set, but the ones I've seen our out of my price range. Love all your black & white!!