Friday, October 3, 2014

Storm on October 2nd

Hi everybody!
I'm home today because our school is closed due to power outages as a result of our dramatic storms. 
It was dramatic!

I was on this tree lined street as it blew in. 
Suddenly a huge dark wall of weather was in front of my vehicle.

I was driving home from work just short distance from the hardest hit area. I've never been out in anything like that before. My truck was shaking back and forth.

The rain was horizontal! There was no visibility. I had to drive around downed tree limbs, debris and trees. In hindsight I needed to pull off but there were old growth trees all around. I just wanted to get home.

I don't live in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods so we have power. 

We lost some dead branches in our trees.
My next door neighbor lost a couple of limbs on his. 
The neighbor said there was flooding on the street. I haven't heard about any major injuries.

More that 200,000 are without power in the hardest hit neighborhoods. 

Bill tried to go get a bite to eat before he checked on his mom and checked on her house. He said the restaurants were packed with people without power.
Fortunately, the temperature has dropped so at least people can open their windows. 

In 30 minutes it was all over except the clean up.

It is very rare that our area makes it on the national news.
The last time was probably our tornado which had an eerily similar path. 
 Next time I hear about dangerous storms, I think I'll check the radar before I leave work. 
This storm isn't finished. Be careful if you are in its path!


  1. Do you live in Texas? I saw something about it on the news this morning. I'm so sorry to see such devastation in your area. I know that had to be scary. We have tornadoes here that can be damaging and scary. Glad that you and your home are ok.

  2. Katie, Driving down streets with tall trees in a storm can be scary. Hopefully, no really horrid damage. Take care, xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh no!! Sorry I didn't see this a few days ago, Katie. My inlaws live in Duncanville and had it pretty bad there too. I'm in Rockwall and didn't get the high winds you had. Yikes!!