Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nordic Wreath

Hands down one of my favorite Christmas images on Pinterest is a simple Nordic wire wreath with a candle. 
You can see it and my Christmas board here.
I wondered if I could make one myself for our Nordic inspired Christmas.
I thought about using a hanger but soon realized that there was not any way I would be able to get a perfect circle.
I saw this wreath at Hobby Lobby.

It's two perfect circles and those pine branches are perfect for a Nordic wreath. This type of wreath is typically used with mesh or ribbon. 
The two circles only needed to be clipped apart. 
Easier said, than done.
I tried everything and couldn't get them apart.
I tried
wire cutters
tin snips
Bill would have to come to the rescue and he did but even he said these were hard to snip apart.

I moved the pine branches to the bottom and reattached them with wire.
The candle holder is made by twisting the wire around the candle. 

A simple black gingham bow finished it off.

I promise you that this will probably be the only time that this candle is lit. 
The gingham ribbon slipped over and almost hit the flame.
I couldn't put the camera down fast enough. 

It sure is cute though!
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  1. I was just going to say how cute it is even though there was a little (almost problem), but you beat me to it. I do love it though and I'm positive I've got the one on Pinterest on my board too. I have french doors between the parlor and the sitting room just like yours. The wreath is a perfect fit for them. Your tree looks beautiful peeking through..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. I just saw those wreaths at Hobby Lobby the other day! I love how you converted it into a Nordic style wreath. Too bad that they don't sell battery operated tapers like they do with the pillar candles.

  3. Sweet! Do they make battery candles that would work in your wreath?

  4. So pretty!! LOVE that 3rd photo from the bottom!!