Saturday, December 13, 2014

Master Bedroom For Christmas

I hope you are having a great weekend. 

I found a black and white comforter at Walmart for $22.00 in October. I think that it was marketed for a dorm room but I really liked the graphic quality to it. 
I wasn't ready to put it away for the holidays and come up with a new scheme so it became the springboard for our Christmas decor. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see black and white ornaments at Walmart in a Nordic theme. 
I fell in love with them and knew they would be so cute in our room! 

Black and white fabric from my stash became a stocking for our new shelf. 

The lightly flocked tree got the clear glass ornaments from last year's tree. 
New black and white ornaments from Walmart fill it in.
The silver snowflake ribbon is from Michaels.  

Some old rusty stars got an update with a coat of flat black spray paint. 

I used Snow Tex on many of the branches.

The chaise got some black as well. I "made" the black and white check fleece for Bill and then promptly stole it from him. The needlepoint pillow came from my favorite thrift store.  

The chest of drawers is a family piece that nobody wanted. It was given an update with white chalk paint. This is good solid furniture but the value of the piece hasn't been diminished by the paint. I can always strip it back down should styles change and the mood strikes. 

The little wooden crate on top holds live greenery. 
I hope it lasts for the next two weeks.

I made the copy cat Pottery Barn jingle pillow last year for the living room. 
Moving stuff around each year makes it feel fresh and new.

I love having a Christmas tree in the master. 
It's visible from the street so it adds to our outdoor display at night.  

Thanks for touring our Christmas bedroom.


  1. Your room looks so lovely and I love how you decorating your tree.

  2. Yours is a bedroom that I could live in all year through, Katie! I absolutely Love black/white, although I might add a tiny touch of red! Simple, yet gorgeous!! Blessings, Cindy

  3. Gorgeous! I just love your bedding and the fact that you made it Christmasy. The chalkboard design is perfect too.

  4. Your master bedroom looks beautiful! The black/white is so pretty. I agree a little bit of red would make the room pop! But then I love red!

  5. I love the bedding, what a deal you got! Your master bedroom is gorgeous!

  6. I just love your master bedroom all decorated for Christmas. That comforter was a steal and looks so pretty. I love the tree all decked out in black and white and silver. I never thought about the black for Christmas but it really looks good. Love that chaise in your room too!

  7. Oh my, this is truly stunning. I love the linens and to have a room big enough for a tree. Amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  8. What a cozy bedroom.

    B&W is adorable for Christmas and you choose the Nordic style and you got a 120% perfect theme.

    Happy Holidays.