Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are You Watching?

The new season of Fixer Upper started last week. 
I'm happy to report that the show is just a wonderful and entertaining as season 1. 
I was a trifle afraid that advertisers and HGTV would try to change the show and change Chip and Joanna.  
That hasn't happened and I'm pleased. 
Where as it seemed like Joanna was staging the house with items from her own home last season.
 This season it appears that she is staging it with new furniture. I hope that doesn't mean that furniture transformations aren't still in the works because she does thrift shop makeovers so well.
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I'm also watching season 6 of Rehab Addict.
There is a Pinterest Board for Nicole Curtis here
I liked the first part of season 5 but didn't care for the Lebron James project quite as much. It wasn't her usual style. I understand that she had to create it with new materials but it is more fun when she is repurposing old stuff.
Downton Abbey. 
I wasn't sure I would watch but I loved the first episode. 
I haven't seen more than that, so no spoilers please.
Since it's only on once a year, I'm trying to savor it. 
That is what I'm watching. How about you?


  1. Hi Katie, of course Fixer Upper is my most favorite show. I can't wait for Tuesday nights..Then I watch it again the next day so it can all soak in.They are such a darling couple and he cracks me up. I never could get into Rehab Addict for some reason, but I can't wait for Sunday nights to watch Downton Abbey. Such a good show. There are a couple of shows after Downton Abbey finishes the season which are really good too. The Paradise and Mr.(his name escapes me right now). They both are about old-time department stores..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. i love Fixer Upper and it has been on for 3 weeks. it started on the 6th. i watch Rehab Addict too i did not like when she did that big house the one with the pool.

  3. Super big fan of Fixer Upper. I don't watch it at it's normal time so I'm watching reruns. I had no idea Joanne had a blog or that they had a web page. I'm subscribed to all now and I have you to thank so thank you!! I even follow on FB now. I do watch Rehab Addict but didn't watch the Lebron one. I guess I'm watching reruns on that one too LOL.
    Have a great day, hon :)

  4. I do enjoy Fixer Upper and I especially love when they give us glimpses of their own home. I wish they'd visit me for a week and work their magic! Also a Downton Abbey fan, and of course I watch Rehab Addict since I recognize the areas in Minneapolis where the houses she's rehabbed are located. I think my hubby wishes I'd quit watching and coming up with more projects after I watch the shows. :o)

  5. Oh yes, I am watching Fixer Upper and loving it! I record every show and then just keep my favorites. Right now, my favorite of season 2 is the first show (the coffee house owners). I like the farmhouse industrial look she gave that house. I think Chip is even funnier and cuter this season. Have you noticed? I don't watch the other shows very much.

  6. We don't have cable so I can't watch Fixer Upper. I guess I need to see if it is on Hulu.

    I am watching Downton Abbey, but I bought it on iTunes and am always a day late in watching. I don't rush to watch it because I am savoring it and liking season 5.

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog about my garden house (painting will be finished tomorrow), the hearts I have been making (still making more) and the lovely homes we pass when we walk.