Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bye Bye Popcorn - Hello Warm White

It's crazy to me that a ceiling full of popcorn can be reduced to a small garbage sack. 

 "Bye bye popcorn. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

This one was a doozy! 
I got a wild hair the first day of Christmas break.
I wanted to take a nap in my room over the break and not have to see our horrible ceiling.
I didn't want to have to imagine what pictures could be made out of the random popcorn shapes. 
Yes. I used to do that. It was like looking at clouds or something. 
I'm pretty sure I saw a lamb up there. Oh and an angel.

I asked Bill to get the ginormous ladder out for me and told him what I was going to do. 
He said, "What? Because we need that added stress right now?"
I said, "Oh, because you could feel the added stress last Monday when I painted the garden room?"
Bill said, "You painted the garden room?"
Me, "Yes. Could you feel the stress all the way over in Dallas?"
No - he could not and he won't for the popcorn either.
All this while we were sitting in the newly painted garden room. 

There was a day - bless his heart - that my projects did add stress to his life. 
But that isn't the case anymore thanks to this blog.

Change is a weekly thing and he doesn't even really notice it anymore. 

I have been rejuvenated in my popcorn removal because I'm not painting the ceiling at the same time.

This saves time and stress. 
You know what?
The ceiling looks fine after a few touch ups.

It turns out that the original ceiling color is the same color as the outside trim paint. 
There were a few places where the mud fell off with the popcorn and nail heads were exposed. 
I had to putz a little paint on those but it looks fantastic.

I couldn't wait to see my free chandelier without the popcorn ceiling. It will be wonderful being able to get photos of the room and not have to avoid the popcorn.

The laundry room is done too since there was no school for two weeks.

 I'm glad I put off the master until I had more practice.  
It wasn't nearly as hard to do as I thought it would be.
Look one more time at the difference between what it looks like with popcorn and with it removed. It looks so dirty.

Thanks for stopping by. You know how much I appreciate your visits.
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  1. Whoa, Katie, you are turning into a human dynamo!! You took on some big projects and changed things like it was nothing. You certainly have my respect and aren't you glad you got rid of that popcorn. We had it in our last house, and I hated it..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. Wow Katie, your room is gorgeous! Who ever came up with that old popcorn anyway? lol! Love the chandy too! Would love it if you linked this to Share Your Cup this week!

  3. Katie, first of all, you bedroom is gorgeous! I love everything about it...and swooning over your chandelier. I am looking for one for our guest bedroom remodel. Had to show my husband the fan next to your bed. He told me we would have to do that if we remove the ceiling fan and replace it with something prettier.

    I have the same throw! I cannot wait to look around your blog. So glad you stopped by, via Vicki's blog, and am now your newest follower.


  4. Stunning. Such a beautiful and relaxing room. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  5. Wow. I'm so impressed you took on such a big challenge. I have the dreaded popcorn too. I'll have to try seeing images in it LOL. Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous. Simple, peaceful and calming. Great job!!

  6. I love your bedroom! It's so spacious and pretty. Love all the white in there. Luckily, our house was built with smooth ceilings so we didn't have to worry about the popcorn ceilings. I know you are loving the new look!

  7. You girl! I am not sure I would have tackled that project. I probably would have just covered it up with planking cause well I dread the thought of scraping ceilings.

  8. Katie, what an undertaking. You go girl! I think you are like me if you want it done you do it yourself. Your room looks fresh and light. Can I make just one tiny suggestion with huge impact. Raise your curtain rods up high above the windows and your room will look taller. The low rods and curtains are dwarfing the room and they are even lower than your bed. If you raise them then it will make the room more balanced and draws the eye up.

  9. We did our ceilings too, about 12 years or more ago. What a huge difference it makes! Of course we had professionals to do ours, so I applaud you doing it yourself! Great job!
    Yes, removing popcorn ceilings is amazing....and I found that though there is still dust, there isn't the added dust raining down from the ceilings....Not to mention the added dust mites that popcorn ceilings have.....
    You have beautiful ceilings......

  10. I am thankful to not have popcorn ceilings. I know a lot of people don't like the look of it.

  11. Well Katie - you beat me - I'd NEVER even think of attempting this - you're incredible
    ( and so is your bedroom - it's just gorgeous ! )

  12. Well Katie - you beat me - I'd NEVER even think of attempting this - you're incredible
    ( and so is your bedroom - it's just gorgeous ! )

  13. Amazing job, the room is beautiful! I'm wondering if that dresser was painted by you? I love it. Please come share this at our link party Wednesday!

  14. THAT is one beautiful room, and normally I am not a white lover!!! You did GOOOOOOOOD!!

  15. Hi Katie!!!

    Your room is so beautiful!! I love the light color!!

    I know what you mean by finding pictures in the popcorn ceiling. I swear I saw JFK...Honest!! I use to say to my hubby and kids can you see it? They thought I was losing it until I pointed it out to them and they saw it too!! Yay, I'm not losing it!!

    Have a great weekend!!