Monday, January 5, 2015

Removing Stickiness From A Louis Vuitton Pochette

One of my posts with the most hits is a post about a 
vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag. 
I bought this bag off of eBay and relined it with some cute calico fabric. 

This post is about the Pochette that came with this type of bag originally. At the time there wasn't a bag in good condition with the Pochette included so I had to buy them separately. Often times owners keep the pouch when they get rid of the bag because it is such a cute little gem to own. 
I found mine about a year and a half ago. Two years after I found the purse.This little bag to carries a few checks, a pen and the debit card to our other account. 

The linings are a problem in these old bags. For some reason they deteriorate over time and become sticky and unusable. It is apparently worse in humid climates. Either way it seems like this shouldn't happen to a designer bag but it does. These classic pieces should last forever and most will with maintenance. Any authentic piece can be taken to Louis Vuitton for repair but it isn't always cost effective. Sometimes half the cost of a new bag. It has to be sent out and can take quite a bit of time. Our Louis Vuitton store is almost an hour away and it wasn't worth it to me to invest anymore in this pouch. 

I knew that this lining was sticky before I purchased it but
there was no way to sew a new lining to this little pouch as I did with the bag. 
I needed to remove the gunk. 

Masking tape was used to cover up the little leather pull tab. A squirt of Goo Gone and the lining started to bubble up away from the canvas. 

I kept pulling until all the sticky coating was removed.

I fully intended to keep the date code in tact but in the long run decided against it. The sticky corner would have gotten on anything in the pouch. This bag dates from 1999. The date code might be important if I were going to resell this bag but I don't think I'll be doing that.

 Tweezers helped to pull it away from the zipper and picking at it with a pin got the stickiness out of the teeth. Running a bar of soap over the brass got the zipper running smooth. 
What is left is the back side of the coated canvas. 
It isn't perfect looking but it isn't gunky. It looks like it would be scratchy but it's not.

This bag measure about 7 by 4. I've used it as a little clutch or wristlet. The chain came in my bucket bag. I removed it when relining the bag and thought it added a little bling to this piece.

It's perfect for holding my Hot Dog money. 
What is Haute Dawg money?

Over Christmas I was running errands at Home Depot and wanted to get a Hot Dog from the cart outside the store. 
Our Lowe's and our Home Depot both have hot dog carts right outside the exit door. 
Do yours?
I asked if he took a debit card and he said yes.
He fixed my dog and then couldn't get the debit machine to work. I tried to refuse the food but he wouldn't let me. 
 I got back to my truck and searched for any money. 
There was only $2.50 in the vehicle.
Instead I thought I'd run back by after getting some cash but decided to call Bill and see if he was going to Home Depot. After asking him a million questions about his plans he finally got the story out of me. 
So, according to my husband, I stole a hot dog from the guy outside Home Depot. 
I asked him to run by, pay the man and tip him generously-which he did. 
For Christmas he gave me some fives and this card. 
 He said now I will always have hot dog money so I won't have to steal anymore. :)

Here is the Pochette with my vintage Speedy 25.

That's it for now my friends.
I'll be back with my tips for shopping vintage Louis Vuitton on eBay.
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  1. Your bags are classic, and you are brave to take on this project. Glad it was successful.

  2. Hey Katie, I have a question. Have you ever tried cleaning the leather handles? I have an LV that I carry all the time, and the handles/straps have darkened, (and I'm sure soiled) over time. I've googled a few techniques, but wondered if you had any experience with cleaning the leather. Don't want to send it back to the store, as the closest would be St. Louis. nope. Your lining looks adorable, great job!

    1. I have had success with alcohol free baby wipes. First I would try a soft wash cloth with some warm water. Gently rub the handles. You will be amazed at what comes off.

  3. I admire that you always figure out how to fix things - I'd probably have wrecked the bag. I learned something - didn't know the bags were dated. Going to check mine out. So far, I haven't had any stickiness problems, but if I do, I'm sending them to you! :)

    1. The first and third numbers are the week the bag was made. The second and forth are the year. (Unless your bag is very vintage.) The letters are the country of production. You can Google the different codes for the different countries. Not all bags are made in France.

  4. Very,very interents.....thanks...

  5. Great job and good tips. Love the lining you used.
    Mary Alice

  6. What a great idea to line the bag yourself....I would have never thought of that! The hotdog card was such a sweet gift too! Happy New Year!!

  7. Oh I am a lover of Louis Vuitton bags and have a few. I always like the speedy bags and have 4 of those , last summer while in New York ! my first trip I purchased 2 more bags .
    I do look for vintage bags and luggage
    Love your hot dog story and I am going to get my little pochette out and use it more

  8. I am a major fan of Louis Vuitton bags and just found a great one at a local vintage shop. I did notice the stickiness of the lining and the wear and tear of the fabric. I love how you added the calico lining to your bag, what an excellent idea.

  9. How did you attach the fabric liner?

  10. I have a trousseau 28 that has really bad stickiness in the lighting is it possible to remove cut it out or clean up. It is really bad by the way. I'd appreciate any assistance if you can thank you

  11. I’d love to try your method! So, when you used the GooGone to remove all of that sticky white layer, did the entire inside of the Pochette end up that splotchy yellow and creme pattern? If so, do you think it’s okay to maybe paint the interior of the Pochette a solid color? I have a bucket bag in amazing condition, but my my pochette is like yours.

  12. When the inside was sticky, did the “paint” or whatever it is on the inside come off on your fingers when you gently rubbed the inside or get all over anything you put inside the bag?

  13. Mine did. I used Goo Gone but then it had a strong citrus smell