Monday, January 26, 2015

Update Fixtures With Spray Paint

I went a little crazy with spray paint when I first started blogging. 

I was afraid at first that others would be able to tell that stuff was sprayed but I had to get rid of all the bright, blingy 90s brass.

It was like a walk down memory lane once I started thinking about all the updates we made with spray paint.

Light fixtures have a lot of impact once they are painted. 

It is a great way to update a dated brass fixture.

I've painted ceiling fans.

 I waited until Bill was out of town, covered everything in plastic and went for it. 
I recommend spraying a little bit and then running out of the room for fresh air. 
This was so worth it. I've completely forgotten what it looked like before.

We did some of the outlets covers and switch plates.

The faucets in two of our bathrooms got sprayed before they were replaced. 

Spray painting this faucet because of its porcelain handles was more successful than the master bath without the porcelain handles. 

Eventually the handles on the master started to chip.
I simply gave them another coat but I wanted to eliminate the problem by putting on the porcelain handles that came with all the faucets. 
Bill threw them away. 
The lesson here? 
Never put your husband in charge of extra handles! 
He was sure we would never need them.

This was a very low cost redo using only paint but in the end we had black mold lurking behind our tub and shower so it all had to go. 
That being said, I would recommend spray painting faucets particularly if they have porcelain handles. 
See our updated master bathroom.

Door knobs?
I'd do it again except for high traffic doors like the pantry or trash closet. 

We have 28 doors. I'm sure a few mental calculations and you can get close to how much it cost to replace all the door knobs in this house. We did eventually replace them all. 
We did it in stages so it wasn't too horribly painful unless you can't remember how much it cost and you ask your husband. Then the pain he felt at spending all that money becomes your pain.

Don't forget the hinges.

The little pulls and knobs on some of my furniture pieces got a coat.

A very dated and yellowing thermostat cover received a dusting of paint.

This update had my brother thinking I had lost my mind!

I even spray painted the refrigerator magnets. 

Yes, I did.

Let's recap: light fixtures, ceiling fans, switch plates, outlet covers, faucets, door knobs, hinges, knobs and pulls, thermostat covers and refrigerator magnets.

I had a good love affair with
 Rust-O-leum, Oil Rubbed Bronze. 
Like all good things, it had to end. 

I fell in love with white.
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  1. enjoyed this post, especially seeing the befores and afters.

  2. love this are your faucets holding up in the bathroom sink? Wondering if the color rubs off easy??
    Christine from Little Brags

    1. Each of the faucets lasted about a year before we did the bathroom reno. I think they would have lasted longer but we had major mold issues. The powder room got a mini face lift with a new counter and faucet. It would have lasted longer too because it had the porcelain handles.

  3. Well you and I are cut from the same mold then! I like spray paint too. I haven't sprayed anything that we're going to touch a lot though. We are redoing our master bath with oil rubbed bronze fixtures. We are buying new fixtures and cabinet hardware. However, we are planning on painting the brass trim of our shower enclosure. My husband will be doing it this week. This is simply out of desperation to save money. It is very expensive to replace the whole enclosure!

  4. At our last house we had the bright fakey brass knobs and hinges. I sure wanted to spray paint all of them but I was chicken. You've proven, as others have, that it works! I have spray painted a few light fixtures. Nobody would ever guess. :)

  5. You go girl with the spray paint. It all looks so great.

  6. I would love to spray paint some of the brass in my house, but I know I'd screw it up! So many of my door knobs are brass, and my kitchen nobs, too. Not to mention all the brass in one of my bathrooms. I don't think I realized how much brass I had until now! You are amazing, Katie!

  7. Wow, that is a lot of spray painting, but what a great and inexpensive way to make changes. We just recently replaced all of our shiny doorknobs and what a difference it's made throughout our house. It all started when we had to replace our front door.
    Mary Alice

  8. I did the same thing in our last house and when I spoke to the new owner several years later she said it was all holding up just fine!!!! Give me spray paint and a glue gun and I'm ready to roll!!! LOL!

  9. I have done many of the same transformations and totally agree with your assessments! :)
    Great job.

    Have a beautiful day!

  10. We sprayed all the brass knobs in our house with the Oil Rubbed Bronze...the only one that shows the slightest bit of wear is a kitchen door by the back door that is used constantly...really not enough to notice. I want to paint the faucet, etc. on a large 80's style garden tub that NEVER gets used. I am not very handy and do not want to disassemble all that plumbing. I am also lazy and don't want to cover everything else in the bathroom so I can spray paint them. Have you ever tried brushing on a metallic finish like ORB to avoid the spray? Thanks for posting all the things you have painted.

    1. I don't think you have to cover everything. Create a little plastic room around the faucet with drop cloth plastic. Tape paper down all around the tub to protect it and you should be fine. My fear with taking them off? That they would leak going back on. If you never use the tub the paint should stay pristine for years.

  11. Fun post Katie! Spray paint is one of the best inventions since fire. lol! You really was a girl with a mission, and it all looks great!

  12. Spray paint is amazing! They have so many kinds of spray paint now, some with textures, multiple finishes and some are even quick-drying. I'm not sure how the paint will hold up on the faucets over time, but I do know many spray paints can repel water pretty well. I used an outdoor spray paint for my iron patio set!

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals

  13. What an innovative idea and I am looking forward to trying it myself. I have noticed in the past that renovating my home doesn't have to be expensive and can be done using the simplest of things. After working with a locksmith, I have been trying to find a great way to use those old keys that I have now.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock

  14. After reading this blog, I must reconsider color white for repainting my own home. There are many doors in your house and I am sure it was a lot work to be done. On the other hand, I am sure your solution for painting the house is not so expansive and this is very important for me. I don't know now what colors t chose for walls, doors and furniture. I'd like to change everything. What's the best color for doors? Only white? Thanks