Sunday, January 11, 2015

Watch Shopping and IKEA

Bill is a Cabella's loving, Land's End wearing kind of a guy. He got a referral bonus in the form of a watch certificate that he can use at a jeweler up in Frisco. 
This is his first designer item unless you can count North Face or Marmot. 


The style of watches these days are a little Jay-Z. 
Do you know what I mean? 
Google Jay-Z's watch to see what I mean. 
I think it is worth 5 million or something.
  Big, blingy watches are in. The type of thing I would like but Bill, not so much. Haha. Bill usually has low profile, traditional watches so it was interesting trying to speculate on what he would like. 


In the end he choose modern and sporty but not too big. The jeweler said it was sporty dressed up. His other choice was dressed down dressy. The other watch was beautiful but this one moves him beyond the comfort zone.
I could have borrowed the other one by the way. 
This is a TAG Heuer. If you are in the market for a watch or any other jewelry item, visit Markham Fine Jewelers in Frisco, Tx. 
They were very kind and they have chocolate!

We ate at Gloria's, which is a Mexican food place right across the street. 
We had the sweetest waiter ever!! He was so kind. 
I told him that with the exception of our son he was the kindest waiter we've ever had. 
Then he said something so profound. 
He said, "Just remember, when you eat lunch, breakfast or dinner in a restaurant  you are living someone else's dream." I got goose bumps. 
I take so much for granted. 


Then we went to IKEA and bought dish towels and cutting boards and life went back to normal.
We only get up to IKEA about once a year so we've got to stock up on all the mundane stuff as well as the fun stuff.

I was surprised to learn that Bill was ditching his recliner for this - the Poang Chair.


This is out of my usual design style but it will be better than the craftsman look we had. Since we got the white cover it will coordinate with the garden room a little better.  
Bekah will be inheriting the recliner. 
I'm painting a little commode to go next to it. 
I'll have a reveal soon. 

He also shocked the boots off of me with this. 


Yup. I think he's finally ready to yank up our tile and get me butcher block. I can't believe it. I had no idea he was leaning towards this but we came home and measured and I'm not sure it will work with our corner sink. 
You can see my Pinterest board here:
While you are there follow along. 

We got two throws, a darling tray and white planters.
I will show you our cute items in future posts. 
  I thought that my teammate at school and I needed these.


IKEA is always so much fun.

Thanks for reading and following along. 
You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you. 
You reached out earlier in the week when I was feeling a little defeated. 
The kind words from my blogging friends just warmed my heart and got me rejuvenated!

I hope you have had a great weekend. 
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  1. We are just up North of Frisco, so we will be trying that Mexican restaurant. Thanks for the tip. I'm excited for you about replacing the tile. You're doing well to get your husband in Ikea, mine sits outside in the hot Summer sun just to avoid the store. Puts a damper on shopping.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time Katie. I laughed about your hubby being out of his comfort zone. Sounds just like my hubby. We have an IKEA only about a half an hour away but we don't go there often. It's like getting lost in space. lol!

  3. Oh, oh, kitchen makeover doesn't seem that far... How exciting!

  4. Sounds like a very fun road trip you and hubby had. Always fun to find surprises and also what you're looking for.
    Mary Alice

  5. Your husband is like mine with liking outdoor style shops for clothing and accessories. My husband only wears that kind of stuff and is very picky about it. I like the watch your husband picked out. I'm familiar with that brand too. In fact, my husband and our oldest son just went shopping to the new Cabellas about an hour away from us. My son is an outdoor clothing shopper too. Guess it's in the genes. I love shopping at Ikea and we don't get to ours very often either. In fact, I didn't even go last year at all. Darn-it! I love the butcher block counters y'all are considering. Can't wait to see all of the other goodies you bought.

  6. Hi Katie,
    Sounds like a fun day together. I have to tell you I have the Ikea butcher block counters for about 4 years now and love them. They were really easy to install and the price was so great. You will love them.

  7. Ikea is one of my favorite places to shop but I rarely get there. You have inspired me to make the trip.