Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I shared with you our trip to IKEA on Saturday. 
IKEA doesn't really get new products all that often but when we were there the other day, I saw this tray.
It is called the ROMANTISK Tray. 
It is 20 inches by 15.
It was only $9.99. 
I couldn't pass it up.

I just love it. 
It reminds me of the old fashioned tole black trays that I used to collect. 
This is a fun, fresh take on that look. 
It was just the impetus I needed to create a new vignette for the coffee table.

The only thing I've had on here for about a year was a basket full of magazines. 

I love the pop of white on the brown trunk. 
I added the SKURAR Plant Pot also from IKEA. 
A few lovely books, a French looking candle from Dillard's and a snowflake tea light from Crate and Barrel round out the display.

In order to keep the room from looking too busy, I edited the side table and took away a pitcher full of greens. 

I've come to the conclusion that you don't need something on each table in a room. 
(You also don't need a pillow in each chair.)
Can I get a cheer from the men out there?

Our curtain panels are also from IKEA.

The sun peeked out from behind the clouds for just a minute today. 
I was able to snap a few photos. 

I'm committed to this idea that I'll blog when I have something to share and not stress about the photos, the sun and perfection.
 Not every post has to be about a marathon type of project. 
Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Nice changes with those new addition. And yes, I agree with you about your last paragraph.

  2. Love that tray! I can think of a couple of places to use that in our house.

    I am with you about blogging. For me, blogging is just for fun with no pressure.

  3. Good For you Katie!!!!! Yep post when you can and it does not have to be a give reno!!!! Sometimes the little posts are the best anyway. Love the tray.

  4. Hi Katie. Love that little tray and I love the trunk. We had one and gave it to our daughter!! Dar n!! I left a space between the r and n , it didn't look right with the two letters close together, looked like something that holds back water!!. Love your attitude. My post was kind of thrown together yesterday but sometimes that is what you got to do and then be happy with it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

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  6. Love that tray too, Katie! Have been using it on my coffee station for the past year. Funny I was just thinking today that maybe I should change things up a bit and use something else there and maybe put the tray on the coffee table! I love IKEA! Have been following your posts about blogging. I am a new blogger and have been feeling kind of silly posting some of my stuff with the terrible photos (I have NO photography skills and add to that I only have and IPhone at the moment) and I have felt like blogging is all about the pretty pictures. But I'm trying to think of it as more of a way to just journal my life! Thanks for the encouragement!