Monday, February 2, 2015

Not One of the Cool Kids - Link Party

Were you one of the cool kids?
I wasn't and then I was all in the same year.

 When we lived in New Rochelle, N.Y. I went to public school for the first time. I rode the public bus and I sat every day by myself during lunch. 
(I ate Lawler's Cookies which are still my favorite store bought cookie but you can only find them back east.) 
I don't think I talked to a single soul all day. 
Somehow I lived through it but I'm sure I had an upset stomach all the time - 
from the stress not the cookies.
In January we moved. 
We moved farther out in Westchester County to Bedford and I went to another public middle school. 
I went to lunch expecting the same nightmare but was instantly welcomed into a group. 
Stephanie, Marti and I still keep in touch through Facebook.
These girls and others in the group saved me.

Blogging is a little like the cool kids and the not so cool kids. 
Am I right?
Have you wondered how you get invited to the cool kid's blog tour - blog hop - link party?
You know the ones I'm talking about.
I'm not sure what it takes to go big and become one of the cool bloggers and that is okay. 

I'm hosting a Valentine's Day Link Party for those of us that aren't big bloggers. 
(Big bloggers are certainly welcome!) 
Link up all your Valentine's Day decor, recipes, crafts and home tours now through February 15th.  
If this goes according to plan, I'll offer it for all the holidays and seasons we love to celebrate. 
Link up and invite your friends - the cool ones and the not so cool ones. 


  1. Katie, what an adorable photo of you in front of the tree. I also love the one of you all grown up! When I have my Valentine spot fixed up, I'll come back.

  2. I'm going to have to come up with a post I can use to join in your blog party...I know exactly what you mean about the lunch table. Been there both ways and I would never want to relive school again.

  3. Oh Katie, what a great idea. You're adorable. we could have eaten lunch together each day, for now I'll just link up my post on my entry. Have a great week!

  4. Big blogger or no, your is one of my favorites! I recently audited my list from almost 200 down to 70-something. I will look forward to the party posts! I am not a blogger (although I started one years ago & it went nowhere) and I don't understand it all anyway, but I sure do enjoy looking. They have become my magazines.

  5. I agree blogging is like being back in high school, the cool kids and the not. So I can relate, and linked up.

  6. You are spot-on in your cool and not-so-cool crowd comparisons to Blogland. I'm linking up a tablescape from my "little" blog. Thanks for hosting this great party!

  7. I went to a very small school, so it wasn't too intimidating. We all knew each other from kindergarten through graduation, so even though I was very shy during those awkward years, my classmates were almost like family. I had some rough years in high school when my friends were asked to formal dances while I stayed home, but I survived. I feel for the little Katie who was so alone because our oldest daughter was like that for a while. She's grown into the most caring and kind woman in spite of her shy beginnings.

    I follow big and small bloggers and I think some of the small bloggers have the most entertaining blogs! I agree that the competitions to belong to the home tours seems a little like high school popularity contests and to tell the truth, I rarely visit them. It's so overwhelming to visit dozens of homes that look like they just finished styling their homes for a high end magazine shoot and then come back to the reality of my work-in-progress. And I'll tell you something that may surprise you. I was contacted by a photography team that's done photo shoots in many of the big blogger's homes and they wanted to photograph our home. 911! They even called me at home to talk to me about it, but in the end I just wasn't comfortable with the idea of our home and my blog in the pages of a magazine. I never in a million years thought I'd be considered for a magazine feature and although I was flattered, it wasn't for me. I would have been like a crazy woman trying to change everything in the few months I had to prepare!! I like my quiet little blog where I can control what I reveal and what I keep private.

    I've followed a few smaller bloggers as well as the big ones who never acknowledged a single comment I made or visited back. I've finally realized that like the movie, "they're just not that into me" and moved on. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I guess we just have to find our nitch. I don't have anything to link up right now, but hopefully I'll have something in the next week. Thanks for hosting, Katie, and you have a lovely blog that I always enjoy visiting.

  8. I do understand what you mean exactly. I blog, because I like to share. I don't spend countless hours like some of those huge bloggers do. Heavens, do they have a life? Some post every hour or every day.....Crazy. Consider yourself normal and don't be intimidated by some of those high hootin bloggers. Do what you want and when. Joining your party. Have a great week!

  9. I don't have a blog to enter, but you are certainly one of my cool kids!!!! I love to visit your blog, however I am a terrible commenter.
    Thank you so much for your time to is like visiting family when I read!

  10. Hi Katie, you are leaps ahead of me...I do not even have my blog up! But you inspire me to keep going! I love your
    Creative abilities, & your 'get it done' drive.I also like your change in projects, not the same things all the time.
    You go girl!