Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fixer Upper Season 2 and Filming a 3rd

What did all you HGTV fans think of the second season of Fixer Upper?
It is about to finish airing.
Let me preface all this by saying that I love the show. 
I'm still a huge fan. 
I noticed some things. Did you?
During Season 1 they repurposed more original kitchens than during Season 2. They tended to rip the kitchens and bathrooms out and start over. 
I think the budgets were larger so there was more cash to fix up the house.
They also used more pre-loved furniture during Season 1.
I noticed furniture from sponsors during the second season. 
It was more fun for me to see her up-cycle stuff when staging the homes.
Remember the shelf made out of an old piece that they found in the trash during Season 1?
I love that piece.

There were a couple of houses that I wasn't wild about.
The modern house with the glass and brass shelving unit in the kitchen. It was cool but not my style. 
I get that she needs to branch out and get out of her comfort zone for the show.
She is a talented designer and can do other styles of design.
I just prefer the stuff she does in her comfort zone. 
Just as an side note: Bill's cousin Chip Mansfield was on the episode last week. He makes furniture out of old wood and other found items.
I hope that his business takes off as a result of being on the show. 
You can visit his website here.
Finally, I thought I'd mention an article from the Waco Tribune. Remember the pilot episode with the couple who redid an overgrown house?
Thad ties to Baylor, if I remember correctly. 
Do you know that they never moved into the house?
She wanted to and he didn't.
That house is going to be used for a little child care center. The woman plans to live upstairs and run a business out of the bottom. 

In another article Chip Gaines is hoping for a Season 3 in which they will renovate some empty silos. 
I think we all hope for a third season.
Today, Joanna's Instagram had a photo of them wrapping up the first day of filming for Season 3. 
I'm excited. 
It will begin airing in the fall of 2015. 
I love this show.
Do you like it?
Tell me your thoughts.
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  1. I am really going to have to look for this show. It must be on at a time when I am not watching because I have never seen it. ...and maybe because I got burnt out on so many BAD HGTV shows that I started bypassing the station. I need to look this one up!
    Hope you had a good day...and thanks, too, for your visits! xo Diana

    1. You will really enjoy it - my sister and brother-in-law told me about it right before Season 2 started. It's on Tuesday nights at 9 here in Atlanta. I love it! I binge-watched the Season 1 marathon and then watched Season 2 episode 1.

  2. I just starting watching it, an through reruns saw season 1 and now 2. Maybe there's something wrong with me but I don't like the show because they rip out all the "charm" out of the house. Some of the old ones had great features they did not even try to preserve. It's rip it all out. Also you know what she's going to do with each house, replace the floors for wood ones, put new recessed lighting in and open up the walls. I do think she is a good designer...but its lost me because they don't cherish anything.

    1. I hear you. I don't think they ripped out as much during Season 1. She loves an open concept and all the walls and features have got to go to open everything up.

  3. I love that show, but have not had a chance to watch it this season. I hate when they change things. I thought the show was great in season one. Love that they fixed instead of tear out like most of the other shows.

  4. It's my favorite show. I love Chip and Johanna. On this show the prices of the homes are so reasonable even with the remodels. I love Jo Jo's style.

  5. I love this show too! They provide so much great inspiration and I love how they incorporate their family into the show. It shows how close they are and that is important.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Katie,
    I like the show also, right now it's probably my favorite on HG. I like that they do a lot of lower and normal price houses instead the ones that cost 100's of thousands. Personally, I love Jo's design style, people have to remember that she's designing for clients who sometimes have different tastes then ours, but, I still love what she does. When she repurposes things, that's the best! The one thing I'm curious about is if they get to keep the things she stages with, a lot of times when they show them after, having friends over, etc. there is still a lot of the stuff there. I hope they have more seasons, I'll watch. I really wish HG would get back to more design shows, I'm pretty tired of all the RE shows! Where's Candice, where's Sarah, I want them and more back!!

  7. I love this show but have a feeling the producers will ruin it by scripting it too much. I feel like season one was better than season two and that Joanne had more say in the design in the first season. Like you pointed out, now they have more sponsors so she is forced to work with the sponsors product versus the re-purposed items she specializes in. The mid century modern house was my least favorite and I actually didn't watch the whole episode because I hate that style. I can't wait for next season :o)

  8. My favorite show! I even got my husband to watch with me. That alone says alot! Joanna is amazing!

  9. Hi Katie! I have seen this show a few times and liked it but haven't seen it that much. Do you live in Waco? We lived there for 10 years in the Woodway area. Kids went to Midway Schools. Now you're making me want to watch the show more.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Hi Katie,
    I love this show too. Joanna and Chip do such a great job and they are the sweetest couple. Glad they are starting a season #3.

  11. I just saw the episode with your husband's relative! I love the show and the houses they remodel, but the budgets seem high to me, especially for the young couples. I enjoy seeing the vintage items they repurpose for the homes.

  12. I do love the show. I haven't seen every episode, but eventually I'm sure I'll catch them in re-runs. That's so cool about Bill's cousin. Not sure I saw that one yet. I have got to believe they will have a 3rd season.

  13. I absolutely LOVED season one! When we moved into Storybook Cottage we opted not to get cable so we wouldn't be tempted to just watch tv instead of working on projects, etc. I do miss seeing it. How exciting that Bill's cousin was on the show!
    I do hope to get to her store very soon. It's just about an hour away from me.
    Thank you so very much for your input on painting my front door. Alas, rain is predicted through Tuesday but it WILL eventually be done!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Hi Katie, thanks for previewing this show. Chip and Joanna are the cutest couple and I just love the way they 'throw it" back and forth to each other. I love her style and am sorry that the season is almost over, I watched so many re-runs from Season 1 and was so happy when new ones came out, it seems like such a short time.My most favorite scene in the whole show is in the opening credits when Chip is working with the mantlepiece and his little girl is eating red vines and looking at him. They look so much alike. I can't say anything bad about the show, I just love it..HappySunday..Judy

  15. I think I've seen all the episodes at least once. I'm a real fan and wish I were closer to them so I'd have a shot at getting some help with furniture and design. In Texas, but too far away. I used to live in the Temple/Belton area until 2010 and worked in Waco. If they had been in business then, I would've tried to buy a house with them.

  16. Oh I'm such a huge fan of this show too! I never miss an episode. I didn't like that modern house either. I'm with you and preferred the way they did the first season compared to the second. Wow! That's so surprising about that first house they did. that was one of my favorites and they even built that special upstairs room for their little girl. I'm looking forward to season 3 but hate to wait so long again for it! Guess I'll be tuning in tonight for another new show.

  17. In fact, just today after my husband & I watched last nights recorded episode, I said several of the SAME things you wrote!! Yes, I have noticed the much bigger budgets. I also noticed how it has become more commercial. I guess any sponsor would salivate over getting their business used on such a popular loved show as this. There is a sadness to it, consumerism, commercialism, that is how shows survive (by getting big sponsors) and that is "tvland". I do miss the more original ideas and the smaller more unique homes from last season. I still love the show, but I hope the changes don't get too outrageous next season!!!!