Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dangle Earring Holder

I picked up the vent cover at the ReStore for $5.00.
It had just the right industrial vibe.  
I was going to use it for postcards but I needed it for something else.

 I usually wear either two pairs of earrings- little diamond studs or hoops. 
Dangle earrings seem to be all the rage lately at the school. 
There is a certain brand that is the predominate favorite but they are a little pricey for costume jewelry.
I learned a long time ago not to spend a lot on costume. 
I prefer sterling silver because it seems to withstand the test of time.  
Searching eBay yielded a few pairs for a reasonable price. 
They had the look of the trend without being a copy of the trend.

I amassed a few pair and dug out a few pairs of my old dangles.
The vent seemed a perfect place to hook earrings.
It got a coat of white spray paint. 

Perfect. It's right next to the vanity so it makes it convenient to pick out a pair each morning. 

This is practical and cute. 


  1. Love it, got one a couple years ago for Christmas, you know, the one with the standing mirror open it up and it houses all the jewelry. Well, I need to rid out some because it only holds so much!

  2. You're right! Practical and cute...what a neat idea Katie!