Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ramblings About A Pressure Filled April

Have you ever said "yes" to something and then immediately regretted it?
That is what happened to me. 
I agreed to be on a review team for another school last October and instantaneously felt out of my element.

I don't know if you've realized it but I've been a little out of pocket. 
I had a couple of posts ready to roll before I left because I knew I'd be busy.
There was the prep for the work thing but there was also housekeeping to do so I could rest easy while I was gone.

Bill didn't understand why the house had to be clean if nobody was going to see it. 
I explained that if something happened to me while I was gone, my friends could come into the house and there would be no embarrassment because of an untidy home.
My friends could come in, grab some jammies for me while I was laid up in the hospital or worse.
You don't think about these things?
Bill on the other hand thought the "crazy" had been completely unleashed. 
He helped clean and then left to go to his sister's house. Smart move.

It was just too much for him.
 I will fully admit that I was in a full on Katie Mansfield panic attack. 
The ruminations of my mind swirled with "Why me?"
I could think of a few other things I would rather do.
Dentist or mammogram came to mind. 
Supposedly my name was thrown into the hat for this thing. I was highly recommended. 
Not on your life.

There is no false modesty when I say, "No way". 
Everything I'd done to get out of it, for legitimate reasons, fell through. 
Clearly I was supposed to be there but without the slightest idea why. 

Of course it isn't until something is over that you realize why. 
I sent out a quick prayer request text to my sis.
She sent back that I was exactly where God put me.
So I went very reluctantly.

I'd love to say that all went perfectly. 
It didn't but our team got along great. Small talk is not my forte.
The hotel was fine. Staying in hotels is not my favorite thing.
It was three long days of intense work but I decided to just be myself instead of holding quietly back. I know it is hard to believe but I'm very shy.
They were going to be introduced the time time in every day called, "comfy pants time".
They saw me dangerously approach a low blood sugar moment because we were working through dinner.
They saw me "zone out" because preschool teachers just do not do grammar at 10:30 at night. They do not!
They saw the biting sarcasm that is trademark for my family. 

As we were packing our cars to leave and it was all over I was amazed that indeed God had a reason for me being there.
 Being a voice for someone who feels like they have no voice is an amazing feeling.

I feel like I have been in a bit of a pressure cooker and now I'm gliding into summer!

It's almost time to set up my pool. 
We have picked out our granite so I'll have some updates on that project. 

How is it in your neck of the woods?


  1. I glad it went okay, because you are a converser. I do that weird thing of cleaning my home before going away. The funny thing is that I mess it up so bad getting ready that it is not as clean as I would like it when I return. Interesting post. xoox

  2. The very best thing is that it is now over. :) I too ALWAYS leave the house clean. Right down to the sheets. I also stock the fridge and pantry. My motto is "If I prepare for it, it won't happen." :)