Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Popping In and Make A Wish

Hi everybody!
It is weird not blogging. 
It has been a bit of relief but I miss you all. 
I wanted to tell you about a fun opportunity that Bill and I had on Saturday night. 

We were invited to the Make A Wish Foundation Gala. 
George W. and Laura Bush were the honorary chair couple. They were not present but they did send their regards. 
They have granted the wishes of many Make A Wish kids.
It is such a good cause and we were honored to be asked to attend.

I found a very pretty blue dress at Macy's. 
They had the perfect blue shoes to go with the dress.

I wore my Art Deco sapphire jewelry.

 I needed a bag. 
I ordered a darling silver bag off of eBay.
It is lovely!

 It is much smaller in real life and my phone doesn't fit.

I decided to check the thrift store. 
They had a little blue velvet bag but it wasn't in the best condition and it was priced a little high. 
I decided to keep looking. 
I couldn't get the little blue clutch out of my mind and went back to the thrift store to see if it was still there. 
I needed to make sure my phone would fit. 
It did.

It was also $10.00 off. 

Many of the seed pearls were missing. 
I thought about removing the rest but I just couldn't.
Instead I got some gold Rub and Buff out of the drawer.
It has been a while since I've used this little tube and couldn't get it open. 
Running it under hot water for a few minutes loosened the

It evened out the gold and the green tarnish. 
 You may wonder why this bag is so special. 
Why I couldn't get it out of my mind.

When I opened the bag and looked inside the pocket there was this little slip of paper. 

"My evening bag Rex gave me Xmas 1930."
How romantic!
I just had to save this bag and put it to use.
Someone saw me angling my phone to get it in that evening. He told me I needed a bigger purse. 
I showed him the note and explained why this was the perfect clutch.

The decorations on the table were gorgeous. 

Isn't that the prettiest dessert?

The silent auction items were fun and we won a Tiffany nut dish. 

We stayed up way too late and even had to evacuate our room at the hotel because of an electrical issue on the pool level. 

Prom kids ran the corridors until late, late into the night. 
I thought about giving them my best teacher look and lecture and instead just called the front deck. 

I've learned that I'm way too old to pull and almost all nighter. 
I napped Sunday and Monday afternoon. 

My counters are here and I will write all about it next week.

They are gorgeous. 
One more day with the kids and two more teacher work days and then it is summer!

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  1. Katie,
    What a great cause and beautiful gown you had to wear. Love the Tiffany nut dish you won too. Sounds like a great evening except for the kids running the halls. I think you teachers just attrack them lol! Glad you had a great time.

  2. That sounds like such fun, Katie! I wish we got to see you in that beautiful dress! Looking forward to seeing your new counters. It was good to hear from you!

  3. I love your outfit for the benefit. That purse is pretty too. Looks like you were able to fix it up to look like new! How neat was that note? Tomorrow is the last day of school here too.

  4. What a beautiful bag and the story is priceless! I am sure you were the belle of the ball.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I loved this sweet story. Makes one wonder if her children looked in the bag before giving it away? I don't think the owner would have given it herself...too many sweet memories it seems to show.

  6. What a beautiful out fit and the bag was icing on the cake. How wonderful! I'm sure you were the Belle of the Ball :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Katie!

  7. That bag is wonderful! How special to find a note like that inside.I love surprises like that :)

    Your dress and shoes were gorgeous. It sounded like a gorgeous night and that table was beautiful.

    Have a great rest of your weekend :)


  8. I love the note in the bag! I have a sweet pitcher that had a piece of tape on it with a date and note. Made it even more special. Your dress and shoes are gorgeous and I bet you looked like a million bucks! The Make a Wish Foundation is such a good cause! Thanks for sharing with SYC.