Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Log Cabin and Feeling Groovy

"School's out for summer!" 
I like kicking off my summer with a trip to my brother's lake house. 
My tradition of riding the jet ski and relishing in the freedom of the break from school was just not going to happen this weekend. Last summer I went out to the middle of the lake and shouted with glee.
Don't get me wrong, I love my job. 
I just love summer.

 Unfortunately it was raining again. 
You have probably heard about our epic flooding and rainfall here in Texas. 
We had record breaking rainfall totals during the month of May.
The good news is that all the lake levels are back to normal.
 What a crazy way to end the drought.

Since water play was out - we went house hunting.
 Bill and I dream of having a place in the country some day. 
We'd love to be able to enjoy it on weekends with the hope that someday we would be able to retire and live there full time. 

We happened upon a log cabin for sale by owner. 
We gave them a call to set up a showing. 
It was adorable. 
It was the perfect cabin nestled in the piney woods of 
East Texas.

Bill was smitten. 
It was decorated with antiques similar to what I have. 
Many of them were staying with the house.


The property sloped down to the water with paths and a cute little bridge. 

So cute!
We came across another property with a house built in 1979. 
We are calling it the Feeling Groovy house.  
It was very different than the cottage in the woods. 
The house sits on a huge expanse of wooded lawn.
 There is a total of 3.5 acres with this lake house. 

It had a barn and a shed. 

They would be perfect for Bill's shop.

It had ample sun for gardens.  
I already loved the bird houses for Purple Martins.
This land had an old fashioned, sitting in your leisure suit, type of feel. It reminds me of something from my childhood but I can't put my finger on what. 
I could envision metal chairs lined up along the shore. 
  Unfortunately the house is not so groovy. 

There are some issues. The brick is hideous and there are two weird sunrooms tacked on the back.


The property is gorgeous but the house not so much.
The property is gorgeous! There are barns!   
We had a showing this morning and I know you will want to see the pictures of the interior. 
You can have fun imagining what this could be. 

I'll also work on getting some pictures of the new granite this week.
 I took this one for Facebook.
Finally, my oldest will be home for a visit on Thursday!
He hasn't been home from New York since Christmas and I can't wait to see him. 
Have a wonderful start to your week.

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  1. Piney Woods of East Texas you say?!
    So many lakes to choose from...
    I hope you find something you love... and can make your own. Enjoy your time with your son.

  2. We took a trip to Lake Livingston a few years back and didn't want to leave. We house shopped and even went back a few weeks later to look again. Lake living is the best!