Thursday, June 25, 2015

July 4th Sunroom

Our patriotic sunroom is ready to be revealed.
It's always a fun space to do some holiday decorating. 
Uncle Sam found a spot in our little microscope box. 

He was on clearance at Michael's a few years ago.

The candle lantern came from Target.
Our Old Britain Castles teapot and a teacup provide a pop of red.

Rebekah painted the flower pot when she was a kid. 
I had was thrilled to find it in the potting bench in the garage. 
I was sure it hadn't survived the elements over time.

The needlepoint pillow gets put into use whenever I need a little red. 
It was actually a brick door stop when I rescued it from the thrift store.

The large Uncle Sam is a cutie. 
He's a simple addition to the dish dresser. 
The dishes are Denmark by Johnson Brothers.
We have had them since we got married despite them waxing and waning in my affections. 
I'm enjoying them after a long hiatus.

The red bag was a freebie from a bank Bill worked for two years ago.
Remember when he was traveling for work? It was not a fun time that needed a reminder or a souvenir. 
I loved the bag but the logo had to go.
A razor blade was the perfect cutting tool to carefully slice off the pocket. 
It's a classic bag that is perfect for the pool or the lake.
He didn't want the pocket made into a quilt or a pillow because I saw it in the trash. 
Can you imagine that?

The pie safe received a few patriotic items.

It took me a while to locate our little tin soldiers for on top of the pie safe.
I wasted a good hour searching every drawer in the house only to find them in the pie safe.  
I was pleasantly surprised to find one of them was red instead of the brown I'd remembered.

 The anchor came from Michael's. 
It only needed a coat of navy blue paint.


Are you ready to see our favorite thing in the room?
I picked up a book of prints by Currier and Ives last year. 
Many of the prints had already been removed but I looked through it to see if there was anything with a flag on it.
 Instead, I found this print of George Washington.

This rendering with his rosy cheeks is just too cute. 
It cracks me up when ever I look at it. 

We love this room.


I've got other patriotic decor items to show off so please stop back by. 
Thanks for letting me share. 


  1. oooh, I love this room too! so much fun! the settee makes me drool everytime I see it!!

  2. The 4th of July Sun Room looks fabulous! I just love seeing your sunroom so pretty in there.

  3. What a gorgeous room Katie - I can see why you love it !
    That love seat is just beautiful - and those chairs - OMG - those chairs !!!

  4. Such a pretty room Katie! So very inviting and I love the George Washington print :)