Monday, June 8, 2015

Maybe It's Maybelline

 I grew up in New York. 
We didn't go overboard on the cosmetics up there. 
It wasn't until we moved to Texas in 1978, that I experienced the "full on" makeup experience. 
 Don't even get me started on the hair! 
These Texas girls knew how to glam it up in the late 70s. 

I tend to go light on makeup and I refuse to spend a lot. 
This Fit Me Shine Free foundation from Maybelline feels light going on, conceals enough, but still allows me to look natural. The freckles still peep through. 
The reviews on this product are not that great but I like it well enough. 
There are two things about this makeup that annoy me.

The cap keeps breaking before the product is gone. 
It should last as long as there is still product. 
Which brings me to my second point. 
I was dismayed to notice that once the stick wears down there is still about an inch of make up down in the tube.

Getting down in there to get it out is messy and inconvenient. 
I discovered a way to preserve the last inch and not get my fingers covered in foundation every time I use it. 
I found this compact in one of my Bill's grandmother's old purses. 
I hated to throw it out.

I know it is just Ulta brand but it reminded me of the old compacts that my mom used to have. 
I loved watching her put her makeup on.
Her red lipstick was just gorgeous. 
I cleaned out the compact and loaded the remaining makeup into it. 

 I cleaned it up with a cosmetic  sponge. 
Now I have an extra foundation for my purse.

My makeup bag is a Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories MM. It can also be used as a little clutch or as a crossbody bag. 
I used this bag in New York for sight seeing. 
 The lining has a pretty pop of red.

My new favorite perfume is Viva Le Juicy by Juicy Couture. 
I realize that it seems like a teen brand but I just love this scent. My daughter, Rebekah left a bottle behind when she moved out a few years ago. 
I kept the bottle because I thought it was pretty. 
I gave the perfume a try when I was looking for a new 
This scent is affordable compared to other designer fragrances.
My old designer scent is not popular anymore so it is getting harder and harder to find. 
Dear Maybelline, 
Do something about that cap and make that tube twist up a little more. 
I hope you all are having a great day!  
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  1. I wear the same fragrance...and get compliments from many. Love it. sheila

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  3. It is also hard for me now to find my favorite fragrance, always loved Liz Claiborne!

  4. That drives me crazy when there is still makeup or lipstick deep in the tube! I haven't worn perfume in ages :( because my hubby has allergies, and it would make him sneeze his head off!