Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Butterfly Print From Canvas Champ

 It only took three and a half years of blogging!
  When I started writing "Let's Add Sprinkles", I had dreams of free stuff from Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs. 
Silly me. 
A company called Canvas Champ approached me about a month ago. 
When I got the email, I couldn't believe it was true. 
I was thrilled to review a free canvas print from them. 

They sent me a 12 x 8 canvas of one of my images.
A week after emailing the image, the print arrived.

 I was excited.
In addition to getting here so fast, it was packed well. 
It had enough plastic to withstand one of our Texas monsoons. 

I've told you before that I love original art. 
I prefer something original over prints or copies of famous art.
This is a wonderful, quality print of an original image. 
There is a sturdy hanger on the back. 

This is an image that I took in Arkansas last summer. 
 I am so in love with it.

I'm all about the kitchen right now because of the new granite so that is where I put it.
 I'd just picked up the Peonies at the grocery store and they compliment this perfectly. 

I'm loving pops of pink and aqua with the new walls and the new counters.

It is so cute. 
They captured the vibrancy of the image perfectly.
I will be using this company again.
I've already thought of the next photo to send to them. 
Thank you, Canvas Champ, for the opportunity to review this item.
It is darling!
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  1. That's a great print, Katie! I totally agree - I love personal art! I'll have to check out the company!

  2. Lovely canvas print! Nice way to portray your photos!

  3. That's a cute little picture! That is certainly a neat company to use for turning photographs into wall art.

  4. Oh what a perfect kitchen vignette! Love the image.
    Have a wonderful weekend!