Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Less Than Perfect Lake House

A couple of weeks ago it was raining at the lake so we went and looked at houses. 
It is always fun to dream.
I don't know how this will all play out but we hope to retire out by the lake someday. 
Bill fell in love with a little log cabin. 
I loved the outside. 

The inside was cute but I'm not sure I could live with logs walls. 

The second house was on an amazing lot. 

It took me a minute to look past the house and really appreciate the property. 

The house needs some work.

It has a little front porch which is a must have in my book. 
Our current house doesn't have one and it is missed. 

The brick needs to be painted. It is not cute.
Right now this deal is dead in the water but maybe you can imagine how this place could look with some work.
The living, dining and a corner of the kitchen are open to one another. 

The kitchen is a wide galley that leads to a large utility room.
The utility room could also double as an additional dining space. 

The garage has been converted to a family room but it needs some work to get it un-garage looking.

 Property Photo

Beyond the living room is a three sided sun porch.

The sunroom blocks quite a bit of light but the benefits of the outdoor living space probably outweigh the drawbacks. 

There are three bedrooms and two baths. 
Both of the baths have had some recent updates.

There is a creepy hot tub room off of the master. 

They called it the cedar room which would be fine it was made from cedar. 
This is sheathed in cedar particle board. 

 Everything in this house needs a coat of paint. 

There is a cute barn that would make a great workshop. 
Bill would need one of those to finish all the projects that need to be done at this place.  

This property is lovely. The house - not so much.
What do you think?
Can you imagine what the house could be?
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  1. Just imagine what Chip and JoAnna would can do it, Katie! You've got skills!

    What lake is that?

  2. Stacey above wrote EXACTLY what I was going to say - it just needs Joanna and Chip! Or, someone who watches them a lot:) I think it has tremendous potential , and the property is fabulous! If anyone can do it, you can, Katie!

  3. This is an excellent diamond in the rough! If the structural, electric, and plumbing are good, the rest is a breeze. I hope you get it.

  4. Katie,
    I think you and Bill could re love this lake home into a spectacular place. It looks like it has good bones and just needs some updating. I think it would make for a fantastic retirement home. That barn is awesome.

  5. Katie,
    I can envision many a "happy day" spent at the less than perfect lakehouse, dear one!!!
    I say, "Roll up your sleeves and let the renewal begin!"
    Thanks for allowing us to see the vision with you, dear one!!!