Monday, June 15, 2015

The Arm Rest or Getting Away for a Long Weekend

Bill hurt his arm building the fence a couple of months ago. 
 Didn't he do a great job?

 The pain in his arm would just not go away. 
He rested it which only did more harm than good. 
The doctor said that he had equal strength in each arm but that his right hand should be 10% stronger than the left. 
X-rays and physical therapy were required. 
After a month of therapy, the PT center said he had to completely rest his arm for 4 days. 
Typing was included in that mandate so he had to take a couple of days off from work.
In order to keep him from doing anything, we hopped into the truck and headed out to the lake for a mini vacation.
I've told you about several of the cute towns around my brother's lake house.

Pittsburg, Texas is one of the towns that has a few cute shops.

 Rick's Antiques is a great store.
I found a darling little desk for my classroom. 
It was only $45.00.

Here are the rest of my finds. 

 I like picking up old, empty perfume bottles. 
This one was only a dollar.

One of the stores had a brand of chalk paint I hadn't heard of. 
I'll let you know how it does. 

The local thrift shop benefiting hospice care was a thrifter's dream. 
There were actual antiques at thrift store prices. 
There were also junky pieces of furniture just waiting for a redo.

You know those old TVs made into dog beds?
They had an old TV set just waiting for that transformation. 
It was only $10.00 but Bill wouldn't let me get it. 

found an adorable pair of navy Ferragamo heels for only $3.00.

I've been looking for a pair since Rebekah and I started shopping for designer duds about 4 years ago.
We ate sandwiches at a darling coffee shop. 
I spy letters from Hobby Lobby.

My usual fare at a small town luncheonette is a chicken salad sandwich. 
This one didn't disappoint.
Pittsburg is about two and half hours east of Dallas. 

When we got back to the lake house it was time for 
"Float Fest 2015". 
Summer has become one of my favorite times of year.  
Boating, jet skies, floating, reading on the deck, coffee on the deck, napping, fire flies and fishing.
I got my first fishing license.

 I wanted the white and chippy fishing reel on my fishing pole.

We got home yesterday afternoon at about 1:00.
I was asleep by 7:30 last night. 
So much fun.
We'll see what they say about Bill's arm next time he goes to therapy. 
Hopefully, the rest was as beneficial as our getaway.  
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  1. Wow, the fence looks great, and I hope your hubby feels better soon. That shop you visited is just adorable!

  2. Your yard looks amazing! I sure hope Bill's arm is better...that doesn't sound fun. Your trip does sound fun. :)

  3. am I hallucinating, or is there a pic of a large carved gorilla? I think you really need it. paint it white. te he.

  4. Great fence. I guess you can really say it costs an arm and a leg now. Joking aside, I hope he recovers soon.