Sunday, July 19, 2015

Junking This Summer

Good Morning!
I've been doing quite a bit of junking this summer.

I've found some good stuff and almost knocked myself unconscious in the process. 
I'll tell you about that in a minute.

My sister in law and I kicked off the summer with a trip to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. 
I highly recommend this flea market if you are ever in central Texas. 
I found some cute chalkboard stuff for my classroom. 
It is getting a shabby chic makeover. 

 I found this little peg board for my classroom. 
It was only six dollars. It's been primed and painted and is already hung at school.  
Bill recently gave me the masonry drill bit and it has changed my life. I'm finally able to hang stuff on the cinderblock walls of my classroom. 
I can't wait to show you the reveal!

My son and I stopped at a garage sale when he was in town for a wedding. 
I found the aqua mid-century modern dish that is sitting on the island.

I also found these vintage sconces. 

He found a baseball bat.

Bill and I went junking during a long weekend out at the lake. 
Cute Stuff!

My finds were still on the table when Bekah and I were sorting through shells we have found over the years.
I started setting some aside in this little aqua rimmed dish.  

She remarked at how good they looked in it.
 That is where they have stayed for the summer. 
The hotel china dish was only about $3.00. 

I found another cute peg rack made of vintage beadboard. 
I'm really not sure where this is going. 

The black Liberty insurance box is holding remotes.

I found a darling diminutive desk for my room at school. All it needed was a couple of coats of paint.

It's so cute!

My brother, Dave came and stayed for a week. We found some great stuff. The military box has gotten some chalk paint and is ready to be put somewhere.

 The red willow fruit bowls were only a dollar each. 

The owls are waiting for a makeover. 
The black small enamelware coffee pot found a home on the mantel. 

My produce store has had some great finds unearthed from barns up north. 
This is where I bashed my head. 
I found a darling cherry sign and wanted an apple sign as well. I went to go pull one off the pile at the same time the "junk guy" moved the stack.  I guess it got my orientation mixed up because I bashed my head on the corner of a horse trailer as I stood up!  

Ouch. I kept feeling my head to make sure it wasn't bleeding. 

As we were looking at the signs, I asked him about some benches. 
He said he would give me a good discount cause "you hit your head and all."

He gave me an almost 40% discount. 
Someone asked if it was worth it. 
Even though I love the bench, I'm not sure. 
I think I saw stars!  
 There you have it, my dears.
Have a great day.  


  1. Oooo, I'm loving your lake finds! The beadboard coat rack is wonderful and I'm sure you'll find someplace to hang it. Love the embroidered towels and cherry sign, too. So fun for summer decor!

    Love the shoes, too!

  2. I should say I'm sorry to hear of your injuries, but truthfully I just can't stop laughing. Your goodies turned out to be quite a haul so far this Summer. We were down in Canton the first part of this month and I could've stayed forever.

  3. Loving all your finds Katie. Love the cherries sign just makes you want to smile. All the treasures from junkin are great. Happy Sunday.

  4. Love how your bench is displayed with those vintage picnic baskets. So sorry about your head bump, but you scored a great bench and the cherries sign is very sweet as well!

  5. Ouch!! Hope you are ok. In a few days you might laugh about it. You are finding some great treasures. Love the cherry sign.

  6. When you display them like so, they don't seem like 'junk' to me at all! Great finds!

  7. Such cute finds - sorry you hurt your head in the process, though! Love the dishes and the cherry sign :)