Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Little Red Wagon

Hi friends!
The wagon at the school had seen better days. 
I think the youth helpers on the facilities team used it for paint transportation. 
Clearly some of the paint transported onto the side rails of the wagon. 
This wagon has seen 20 plus years of babies. 

I brought it home to give it a spa treatment. 
The rails got a coat of spray paint. 
I carefully taped off the logo to keep it in tact. 
Saving the logo makes it look more original and vintage. 

Pulling off the tape is always so much fun.


I stripped the wood bottom because there were paint spatters everywhere. I used CitriStrip Stripping Gel. 
It is a much less toxic paint and varnish remover than others I've used in the past. I can even use this one inside the house. 

I sealed it with Minwax Polycrylic. It allows the natural wood to show through but provides a durable finish. 
It is also quick drying.  

The hubcaps got some windex. 
A little cleanser got off some stubborn scuffs.

There were some drips of paint on the handle. 
They chipped right off with a scraper. 

This is an accreditation year for us. 
The whole school will be looking at standards and examining what we do and why. 

Before a team comes in to review our school, we'll be writing a self study and gathering supporting documents. 

It is a multi year preparation for two or three days of being reviewed by visiting team members. 

Having the facilities look as good as it can, is part of the process. 
 I think the little red wagon is setting a good precedent.   

The wagon will be going back up to the school and I'll be trading it for one of our Little Tykes Cozy Coupes. 
That is next in line for a makeover. I'll be using spray paint made for plastic. I'll let you know how it goes.   
You will see that of course. 


  1. Fabulous! Good thing you still saw the it's full potential. Great job!

  2. You did a great job on that wagon! I'm sure that was tedious work. Hard to believe that school starts back in just a few weeks!

  3. Your wagon is so cute! You really spruced it up! :)

  4. You did an amazing job breathing new life into the little red wagon!! So cute!
    Mary Alice

  5. This looks fantastic! It no doubt will pull several more kids for many more years.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. You sure did a great job of restoring new life into the cute red wagon! Looks wonderful :) Good luck on the
    upcoming visit to the school.