Monday, September 21, 2015

Dining Room For Fall

I woke up this morning thinking it was the official first day of fall. 
That isn't until Wednesday. 
I've been impatiently waiting to get some fall decorations sprinkled around the house. 
Bill says I have absolutely no self control in this area. 
I agree! 

I've been inspired this season to add vintage elements to our home that aren't necessarily fall decor. 
I absolutely adore these Eastlake Victorian frames with leaves in the corner. 
This frame is most likely walnut. 
It is also known as an Adirondack frame.

There are several like this in our collection of frames.
They remind me of my grandmother's house. 
In the frame I popped a book page from a book about trees that grow in the mountains. 
The acorn pages inspired decor that isn't pumpkins or Halloween.  

This wooden leaf dish came from Bill's mom last year. 
The acorn came from a little gift shop but I have no idea which one.

The Nanadina branches are the only thing in my yard with any color right now.

I adore the light green with the soft coral and peach leaves.
It really is perfect for this time of year because there is still so much green outside. 
The leaves in the DFW area won't change color until late November. 

A brilliant, fall color thrift store painting is in a frame that I found on the curb. 
I can believe someone was throwing this away. 
It's very gothic according to my daughter. 
I love how beat up the gold leaf is. 

I can't wait until Wednesday so that I can officially begin decorating. 

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  1. I love the Adirondack frames. In a magazine once or twice I've seen homes where the owners had large collections of them. Stunning!

  2. Your Adirondack frame is so pretty and the start of some of your fall decor is beautiful. Have fun decorating.

    1. Your touches of fall are very pretty! I love the little Adirondack frame, such a treasure!!!
      Happy Fall!!!!!

  3. Love your room and that frame is magnificent!

  4. By now you are probably in full mode "Fall". The weather here definitely said Fall has arrived

  5. Katie,
    Love the urn filled with natural greenery, dear one!!!
    The board atop the Dining table is enchanting!!!
    Wishing you a happy First Day of Autumn!!!

  6. Katie, I love the frame and the botanical print. I am always keeping my eye out for books with nature graphics. I love acorns and this one is very sweet. Hard to believe that people would throw that painting away for sure. Happy Fall! Thanks for sharing with SYC.