Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Homemade Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I'm I'm convinced that you can find just about every recipe known to man on the internet. 
The other night Bill and I were watching T.V. and we saw an Oreo commercial. 

He mentioned that he would love an Oreo. 
We try to avoid the cookie aisle of the grocery store. 
Every once in a while, I'll bake something but not too often. 
I googled homemade Oreos. 

Recipes galoor popped up. 
This post isn't a recipe post. 
Here is the link to the one I used. 
This post is more about how easy it is to find some of the old pantry staples on the internet. 

Remember when Hostess went under?
There were all sorts of recipes to make Ding Dongs, Twinkies and Funny Bones floating around the internet. 
 (Funny Bones are the little known about and under appreciated brain child of the Drakes Cakes family.
I love those things!
Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling.

Back to the sandwich cookies.

The kids were coming over on Sunday night so that afternoon I baked up a batch.

Bekah doesn't really care for sweets so she was noncommittal. 
Jonnie said that he doesn't like Oreos but he liked these. 
Bill said they were better than Oreos. 

I feel that they make a good cookie for an ice cream sandwich.
As I was looking for this recipe, I saw one for homemade Goldfish. 
There was also a recipe for graham crackers.
Those would be fun to try sometime. 
If you try this recipe, test each batch to make sure they are crispy like an Oreo. 
Some of ours were crispy some were softer. 
They weren't bad, just softer. 

This was fun! 
Have you made any pantry staples?
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  1. I'm really craving an Oreo cookie right now...

  2. Ok Just YUM!!! Now I feel like a bag of oreo's too!!!!

  3. I bet yours were way better than real Oreos. I stopped buying them because of all the crap in them.