Monday, September 7, 2015

The Antique Spool Cabinet

The little spool cabinet hasn't been receiving all the love it deserves since I moved it out of the sunroom.

The little darling had been a permanent fixture in the sunroom since we enclosed the back porch.  

It just wasn't the best with our all white sunroom.
The white commode was better. 

 I stuck it up in Rebekah's room but didn't love it.

It felt a little lost with all the white. 
I moved it out when I painted the "make do" paint cabinet.

I tried it in the nook in between the kid's rooms but it was too wide.
The odd little shelf ended up in the nook. 

I finally decided that this piece needed to be back in the living room.

The round farmhouse style table went back to the thrift store.  
The matching mercury glass table lamps have to sit on tables that are about the same height. 
I'm okay with non-matching lamps but that isn't what I have and I'm not ready to retire these. 
The white cabinet was much taller than the spool cabinet and it just looked weird.

The white cupboard is 30 inches tall.
The washstand is 27 inches tall.
The spool cabinet was only 24 inches tall.
Switching the old white cupboard and the washstand got the two end tables closer in height. 

I really love the old cupboard in its new spot.

It's a little bit narrower so my granny's chair fits better.

The washstand looks good too but it looks cute everywhere.

A quick trip up to Ace Hardware yielded some tap feet but the spool cabinet was still too short.
The tap feet only brought it up an inch and a half.
An antique set of casters fit perfectly on the spool cabinet.

This piece is so adorable and it is one of my favorites. 
What is there not to love about a $5.00 garage sale find?

Now there is less than an inch difference between the two end tables.

I can deal with that. 

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  1. I really like how you're using different pieces for side tables. Each one adds so much character and charm to your home, Katie!
    Mary Alice

  2. A wonderful selection that you have shown thanks for sharing

  3. A wonderful selection that you have shown thanks for sharing

  4. Such a cute piece! Looks like you finally found the right home for it!

  5. I still cant get over the fact that you picked up that little gem for only five bucks! You have a lot of beautiful vintage touches to your home Katie. And a great example of how keeping everything somewhat monochromatic allows you to move decor from one room to the next seamlessly!

  6. Katie, all of your cabinets are wonderful! It's always fun moving things around a bit. Great idea to add the casters to the spool cabinet. I don't think I would have thought of that. I have a very similar cabinet to the one on the other side of your sofa. My sis gave it to me and I love it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.