Saturday, September 5, 2015

Look Alike Jack O' Lantern Pillow

My daughter sent me a link to a pillow she wanted from Pottery Barn. 

I told her I could make her one. 
I just happened to be at Walmart getting some fabric. 
She picked out which fabric she wanted. 

I picked up a square of black felt for the face. 

I used a blind stitch to appliqué the features in place. 

Chalk came in handy to mark the lines for quilting. 

Once it was hand quilted, the pillow was easy to stitch up by machine.

I knew that I didn't want to make the stem like the original.

There was a little bit of brown felt in my fabric closet.
I drew out the pattern and then cut it out of the felt.  

The running stitch on the stem has a naive and handmade quality to it. 

Jackolantern Pillow Pottery Barn Copy Cat

The retail price for this pillow is $32.50. 

ackolantern PillowPottery Barn Copy Cat J

It only cost me a few dollars to make because we had most of the supplies.  

Tutorial Copy Cat Jackolantern PIllow

Isn't it a cutie? 


  1. Cute accent pillow, Katie! I think you need to make one more for your sun room. It looks awfully cute in there!

  2. Wow Katie you are spot on with this copy of the Pottery Barn pillow. I think yours is even a little cuter. Great job.

  3. Oh Katie this is just so cute and clever! It looks great against the ticking.
    I hope you have a happy Labor Day holiday and wonderful week!

  4. Katie, this is adorable! I'd never know the difference between Thanks for linking up at Best of the Weekend!