Monday, October 5, 2015

A Couple of Things and My New Project

I showed you my favorite little chalkboard on the shelf in the living room. 

We got home from breakfast with friends and one of them had done this. 


I got two new pieces of brown transferware off of eBay. 
The pitcher was only $4.99 plus shipping. The shipping wasn't bad. 
You know how they sometimes have a low asking price but ridiculous shipping? 
I'm out when that happens.

I also got a gravy boat. The discoloration is much more pronounced in person that it was showing in the listing.  
I still gave them good feedback even though I suspect the images were altered a little. 
It is such a pretty little thing. 

I have another eBay purchase on the way.
I ordered the Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Transformations kit.   
I'm finally going to paint the tile in our powder bath. 

It should be here in a few days. 
 I can't wait to get rid of the country blue tile.  
Today I'll be stripping off all the caulk and touching up any missing grout. 

 Bill was supposed to get us a new bathtub spigot.
When I turn on the tub, water drips out of the shower head. 
That would be fine when showering but it isn't fine if I'm cleaning the bathtub or something.

Once the blue is gone, this powder bath can be any color I want.
Whoo hoo! 
I also plan to fix the ceiling treatment and touch up the floor grout.  
 I'll let you know how it goes. 

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  1. I know you will be happy to see that blue tile gone. I'm sure it's very limiting when decorating your bathroom. I grew up with blue tile in my bathroom (in the 70's). Ha! It seemed back then, everyone had colored tile. I love your brown and white transferware. Glad that you were able to find it reasonably priced. it can be pricey! I found some at a consignment store recently and would've bought some if I was using it. I already have some in storage though.

  2. Your transferware is gorgeous. I never would have guessed that you could get any pieces for such a good price. The shipping would be worth it. Your bathroom project will turn out are the project queen.

  3. I'll be interested in how the transformation goes. I have a tile floor I'd like to refurbish. Can this be done on floors?
    I'm a fan of brown transfer ware too. Like your new pieces!

  4. Love the little gravy boat! It's got such a great shape. You are amazing with the projects you take on! Looking forward to seeing the tile transformation.

  5. If you soak you little gravy boat in a small tub of Hydrogen Peroxide ($$ General has it pretty cheap), it will lighten some of the staining!
    Your tile painting job is awesome!! The room doesn't even resemble it's old self!!