Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Shutter Shots

In 1993 red brick was king in the Texas housing market. 
I wanted a red brick house.
 In fact, I wanted the house next door which had a "For Sale" sign in the yard but the house had already sold.
I didn't want this house. 

Bill did. 
We had looked at many, many houses and this one was the best of the lot. 
This one was almost new where as the other houses needed some work. 

I wasn't wild about the tan brick. 
It set my house apart from the others, but it wasn't my favorite.
I had wanted a traditional style house and I'd wished that this house had shutters. 
It was one of the few that didn't. 

10 years later after the red brick popularity had fizzled, I was happy that I had a tan house. 
I never was wild about the eyebrow windows. 
I wished they were Palladian.
I thought my house looked a little Southwestern in style.  

   Now, I love my house. 
The board and batten shutters have changed the style of it.

I'd been running through how to write this post and was trying to come up with the style of our new facade.  

I went to Pinterest and did a search for "tan houses with shutters." 
Images of French farmhouses appeared.

My house looks like a home from the French countryside.
This is brick instead of stone but the feel is the same.

We have gotten positive feedback from the neighbors.

The guy across the street said I will be in trouble if he has to make board and batten shutters for his house. 

I am so in love.
I put out a few fall touches. You will see those soon. 
Savvy Southern Style  
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  1. Love your shutters! They look perfect on your house and I agree that it looks like a French farm house! Your house is beautiful!

  2. They look fantastic! I really like them with the stone walkway.

  3. Katie,
    I always feel things work out for the best and you go the right house after all. I love the color of your brick. It is so pretty and the shutters are beautiful. Great job.

  4. Oh Katie your shutters are positively swoon worthy. They truly change the entire look of your home.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your house is beautiful! Looks gorgeous! Great job!

  6. You took the words right out of my mouth! I was going to say your house looked like a French chateau. I don't know what a chateau looks like, but that's what came to mind. Your shutters really bring a lot of character to your house and I love the way it looks! Well done!

  7. Katie, I love your shutters on your beautiful home!! And I have always loved tan brick as opposed to red brick. I guess I tend to enjoy the softer colors than big bold colors.

  8. Looks wonderful. You could add some stone to it in places to make it even more French Country, but your neighbor will really be mad at you then if he has to do that too!