Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Make A Blog Header

Have you ever wondered how to get one of those custom looking blog headers? 

I made a new one last night in Picasa. 
Actually, I made several but just kept trying them out until I got one that I love. 

Picasa is a Google product. 
I'm too cheap to pay for a photo editing software and so I downloaded this one for free. 
"It is a free photo organizer and editing download."
In Picasa there is a way to create photo albums.

Hit the word file at the top of the screen. 
Create an album and name it collage. 
 Go through your recent photos and pull several to the collage album. 

Hit the blue and red button in the middle on the left side. 

Your photos will appear in a pile.
Under the settings button, you will find options for organizing your photos for the collage. 
Some are automatic and others are 

I like playing with the different settings to see the different combinations of photos.

By clicking on the Mosaic button, you can see some options. The grid scale puts lines in between the pictures. 
The Page Format is what creates the size of the collage.
 Not all pictures will fit nicely in a collage.
Picasa may crop your photos to fit.
You can shuffle the photos to see different positions for photos but you can remove the ones that just aren't working.

I like the collage to fit nicely on the screen. 
If the header is too large, the visitor will have to scroll down to see the whole header. 
In blogger if the header is too small, it appears to far to the left.
I'm okay with it being a little off center but not too much.
 I found that the size 10 by 5 was a good size for creating a header. 

Once you are happy with the configuration of pictures and you have somewhere to type the text, click on Create Collage.

 You can add text to the created collage. 

There are many fonts to chose from.

Want to know how I made the chalkboard? 

I took a picture of the night sky. 
The font is chalkduster. 
 I wrote directly on the photo for my new header.

Do you use Picasa?
Have you made elements for your blog?
I've entertained the idea of having someone create a blog design but playing with Picasa is so much fun. 
That is it for now.


  1. Very pretty new header. I really like the roses. xoox Su

  2. Your new header is beautiful. I know I need to learn more about editing and blog functions. Your explanation does make it easier to address.

  3. Thanks for the advice! I'm new to blogging so I love finding helpful tips like this. Your header looks beautiful :-)

  4. Ok Katie. You just might be my new BFF. I never knew how to do this! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I'll be practicing this all weekend.;-)

  5. Katie, I have not used Picasa, but I need to revamp my blog. I am pinning and would like to try doing this. Love the one you are using! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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