Monday, November 9, 2015

Seating in the Livingroom

 I've been in the process of editing some of our belongings.
I want to keep those items that we love and use. 
The little loveseat was purged as a result.
I moved the other loveseat into the garden room and it is a cozy place to sit. 
The problem came when I started to arrange the remaining seating in the room. 

I really like the big leather arm chair in that corner but I didn't care for the open armed black chair in the opposite corner. 

Bill offered up his World Market updated wing chair. 

It's gold. 
That was fine for the office but not the living room. 

I pulled out some drop cloths and got to work slipcovering it. 

This isn't a tutorial but drap the fabric on inside out, cut, pin and sew- test for fit and repeat.

This ended up being a little slouchier looking that I would have liked so I tightened the fit. 
I love a slouchy slipcover but the shape of the chair is a little more modern. 
The curved back was a pain in the neck to get right.

This will be a cozy spot to sit when we have a fire. 

This is all set for Thanksgiving.
I'll have to figure it out again when I put up the Christmas tree. 
Have a wonderful day. 

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  1. Wow, Katie! Tackling a slipcover is a huge job and your chair cover turned out fabulous! I've thought about covering our wing chair, but that's as far as I get. I'll have the same dilemma as to where to put our Christmas tree this year, after changing our living room around.

  2. I really like your big leather chair and footstool. I have been thinking about replacing my recliner with something similar to that. I enjoy having my feet up, but do not enjoy the reclining . . . it seems to aggregate my low back pain. Oh, the joys of having a bad back . . . enough about that. Your living room looks very inviting and sitting in the chair by the fire with a good book would be a heavenly way to send an afternoon :)

  3. oh I envy your sewing skills, I'm chicken to even attempt a slipcover. You did great!

  4. Love how you slipcovered the chair! Great job....slipcovering is a great way to "fix" a furniture thing....being able to use a drop cloth...awesome....I've used slipcovers a great deal in the past...but now i'm having trouble finding good ones now....(blue hawk used to be sold at Lowe's, but not anymore) so kudos on a job well done.

  5. Your living room is so pretty! We have seating qualms in ours. I am trying to figure out how to fit a sectional to solve our issues.

  6. You amaze me, Katie! Making a slipcover, 1-2-3! And, it looks great! The room looks so nice and cozy.