Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bill Was Right

It pains me to say it but Bill was right. 
We have too many pillows.
I love pillows.

I change out the pillows for the seasons and the holidays. 
I have pillows, fabric and pillow batting filling the closets and armoirs.
At any moment a new look can be created with just a quick run through the sewing machine. 

I have a problem and Bill knows it.

Now, I know it too.
The other morning I was fixing my hair. 
After blow drying, my fluffy locks usually need to "rest" in a 
hair tie otherwise my mane gets huge during the day. 
I pulled an elastic band out of the drawer of my vanity. 
There was some pillow stuffing stuck on the elastic band. 
I went to bite it off but at the same time, I breathed in. 
Stuffing went into my mouth and got stuck on the roof of my mouth at the gag reflex. 
My old dentist labeled me a "gagger".
I was gagging and coughing to get it off. 
I wasn't choking because I could still breathe.
I kept reminding myself that I could breathe - just breathe.
It's a good thing I hadn't done my mascara because black gunk would have been running down my cheeks. 

I debated swallowing the fuzz but I didn't know the long-term ramifications of pillow ingestion. 
Was I going to have to call in sick because of a blogging hazard?
Is there blogging disability insurance?

 I decided to keep coughing to see if it would fly out as it had flown in. 
 It did. 
WHEW! I don't have to worry about batting in my bowels.

Here is my public service announcement. 
Beware of having too many pillows and too much pillow stuffing.
Too many pillows can be hazardous to your health. 
Bill always knew it. 
I know it too. 
Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Oh dear, I'm glad the stuffing coughed out! Bless your heart!

    I love your sense of humor. :-)


  2. Happy to read there will be no long term ramification, scary! Glad you are okay! But, you can Never have too many pillows, just stayin'!!! Blessings, Cindy

  3. I love your pillows. They are a great way to change out a look seasonally. I've been adding more pillows to my decor and sometimes hubby wonders where to sit and what to do with all of them. :-)
    Mary Alice

  4. We have the same conflict over here!! My question is: Did you get rid of any pillows??

  5. LOL! That was just a freak inhalation accident One can never have too many pillows!