Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Decorating The Christmas Tree

I seem to have issues getting the ribbon to look good in our Christmas trees.
 Last year the ribbon was burlap and it was easier to work with. 
This year I wanted something with a little shimmer and glitz. 

I found a bolt of silvery ribbon at Decorator's Warehouse. 
It had 50 yards on the spool and was only $18.99. 
That was a price I could deal with for the amount of ribbon on the bolt. 
It was harder to work with than burlap because it is a lighter weight.

So I watched some YouTube videos about putting ribbon in a tree. 
This might have worked but I'm super picky about ribbon. 
I want it to look like it is naturally cascading down and around the tree
I also want it look like it is woven through the tree.

The video produced by Raz Imports had tons of great advice about decorating a tree.  
The tree in the video looked fabulous. 
My tree-not so much!
  I started decorating Saturday morning. 
I got it all done and then ripped the ribbon out of the tree before I went to bed.

Sunday morning was a new day. 
 It was more challenging adding ribbon to an already decorated tree and we lost an ornament as a result.

 Five long lengths of ribbon cascade down the tree at a gentle angle. Ribbon is secured at about eight inch intervals by bending the end of a branch. 

The icy berry picks are actually two garlands that were cut into small 5 inch lengths.

They are simply laying on the branches of the tree. 

I am crazy about this technique. 
It was so much cheaper than buying picks.

Each garland was on sale for $20.00.  
Which isn't exactly cheap but it was so much cheaper than the picks would have been. 
It makes the tree look like a higher end tree.

 Other icicle branches ago are also nestled in the pine
Additional picks of pink and purple are resting on the boughs. 

These came from a Michael's clearance sale. 
There are even frosted acorns. 


I say this every year but this is our prettiest tree yet
Thanks for taking a peak.

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  1. Well worth all the effort. It looks beautiful. Great job Katie. Your tree is so pretty.

  2. Your tree is very pretty and the size is so perfect for your room.

  3. Your tree was well worth the extra effort you put into decorating it, Katie. It's gorgeous! I love having a decorated tree light the living room in the evening, but I'm not much of a tree decorator. I wound red ribbon through the branches and ended up pulling it all out, but I don't have the patience to put it back in now that it's decorated. Kudos to you for executing your plan and creating a beautifully decorated tree!