Sunday, December 6, 2015

The New Entryway Mirror

Hi everyone
I hope you have had a great week. 
 I was having trouble getting excited about decorating the top of the big dresser for Christmas.

We were pretty stuck to a color scheme with Bill's grandmother above the piece

Chartreuse, brown and gold are pretty with her but I didn't want to be limited to earth tones.

A farmhouse inspired piece with planking in a frame would have been cute but we didn't have a frame that would work.  

I remembered that we still had the mirror that was supposed to be attached to my vanity. 
Instead of the curvy one, our room called for a cleaner line to go with the bed and the armoire.

The curvy mirror is a beast of a thing but
it is a good weight and scale to go above the beast of a dresser.

We've had this mirror for two years and it's never been hung up
 I was a little scared to hang it.

  I used very heavy duty picture wire and two screw eye hooks on each side. 
 Pictured is the first one. 
I just didn't feel that one was secure enough so I added a second bigger screw eye on each side. 

I put about 4 holes in our new paint trying to get this the correct height.
This is why I recommend you always keep your paint for touch ups.

I've told the story of the dresser before but I'll tell it again.

About a year or so ago my friend, Sara came into the house. 
She noticed the dresser and asked me where I got it. 
She said she thought it was her grandmother's.
I said, "No. It couldn't be."

I told her that I found it in the trash around the corner but it wasn't in the trash at her house.
She said that she and her dad drove it to their friend's house (around the corner from them) and put it in his trash. 
It needed a repair and they felt sure someone would come along that could fix it. 

 I knew that it was an old piece as soon as I saw it on the curb. 
I did a sharp u-turn to get to it before anyone else could.
We could see that it needed a new foot but that it was repairable.

This all happened about 4 years before I met Sara. 

The top of the dresser got a sprinkling of silver, natural decor, some books, an old clock and a dash of pink

The wreath is artificial with some sprigs of holly from the backyard.

This is a perfect spot for a mirror.
A quick check to my makeup and hair before I walk out the door.

I love the curvy mirror with the straight lines of the dresser. 

Grandmother is now in a perfect spot.
I'll show you where she landed in another post. 
Thanks for stopping by.  


  1. Katie, I love how elegant and uncluttered your home is. I have a real problem with clutter . . . I just can not seem to simplify like I would like to and now that we have down sized our home but I still have so many beloved items, it's a problem. You have a very charming way of decorating . . . simply lovely :)

  2. You amaze me! The mirror is so pretty and like you, I really like the shape.

  3. That's a gorgeous mirror, Katie, and I'm so glad you found a spot to hang it up! It's perfect with your antique dresser!